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Recently many clients are going for implementation of E-Sourcing/Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) for their strategic sourcing and maintenance of Legal Contracts. In CLM clients want to go away with paper work for getting the legal contract final sign-off from Vendor. But this process is missing in the product.

So I just did research on the possible solution and was successful in implementing an integration of third party digital signature solution(Echo Sign) with CLM.

Approach Taken:

High Level Design



  1. The Process involves Buyer ,Vendor, E-Sourcing\CLM Server and EchoSign Server
  2. Buyer creates contract document using E-Sourcing\CLM  server and send the document to EchoSign (Digital signature provider) 
  3. EchoSign  sends mail to vendor with Document (PDF) or with URLLink of the Document and   document Key to E-Sourcing\CLM Server
  4. Vendor can access that document and put digital signature on provided  space in Contract document by EchoSign and Send back to EchoSign Server.
  5. Vendor can sign Biometric , Fax and mobile so on..  

    EchoSign is a Digital Signature Providers, by using this vendor can sign Document  Digitally using Biometrics  Mobile and Download Document and Sign manually and fax the document.

Process Flow:

Process Flow

  1. Contract is created in CLM by Buyer
  2. As soon as  buyer triggers action for sending contract document for signature to Vendor, contract document is send to EchoSign Server over internet via APIs
  3. EchoSign Server generates a unique document key which is passed back to E-Sourcing/CLM server. The unique is stored in ESO/CLM for future reference
  4. EchoSign server converts document to PDF, adding a section at the end of document for Digital Signature
  5. EchoSign Server then sends this contract PDF to the vender mail id mentioned in the API
  6. Vender receives email in the inbox along with a link of the document
    When vendor opens the link, will be able to read the document and sign it digitally or reject it
  7. The status of the document is updated on EchoSign server.
    A program is scheduled periodically for refreshing the status of the document from EchoSign server.

Basically a custom jar file is deployed in the ESO/CLM server which sends the contract to Echosign server and also regular updation of the status of the contract in ESO/CLM server from Echosign server.

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  1. Former Member
    Hey Vaibhav, I really enjoyed working with you building this solution for the version SAP ES 5.1 and CLM 2.0, it was great to play around with the API’s provided by However, now please watch for the Wave 8, SAP is providing this as standard soon, our efforts and vision to stand this up was a reality and now with SAP coming with its experts and building this, will make the future releases interesting to watch out…keep up the great work…cheers Tridip
  2. Former Member


    Great article. Thanks for sharing.
    Have you ever configure echosign (AdobeSign) with SAP CLM 9 or CLM 10? Could you guide thru it please?

    Many thanks

  3. Former Member Post author

    Hi Joseph,

    Digital Signature integration is now out of box feature for CLM 10. You just need to setup system properties as mentioned in the configuration guide.

    I don’t have exact information in my hand, as i had implemented on CLM 7 when this solution was not out of box. So i had developed a custom integration interface.

    But if you go thru the config guide you will get what needs to be setup to enable Echosign or Docusign with CLM 10.


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