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MR11 Clearing for PO that are linked to the Archived documents.

Business scenario – Business wishes to clear old years PO through MR11 which are linked to the archived documents. The client follows the process of settling (statistically) on sales orders (as it is about an operation of purchases-sales).Following an agreement with the vendor of those purchase orders (which have already been received but not invoiced), it has been agreed with their vendor that to definitively clear the invoice account to be received.

Issue – The client was unable to do MR11 for specific Purchase orders (PO) for the reason, the PO’s were linked to the Sales orders that were already archived. MR11 was not possible as the PO was linked to an archived sales document. And it was not possible to retrieve the archived SO from the Archive tables. So there was no option for retrieving the archived sales order.

Proposed Workaround Solution – As a workaround solution, we proposed the client the below method in order to clear the old year PO’s without the necessity to retrieve the archived objects.

(1)    Create 2 new Dummy Sales orders – To create the 2 new Sales orders with the same numbers (The sales order account group had also the provision to accept internal and external number ranges) so as to proceed with the MR11.

(2)    Proceed to the GR/IR clearing with the MR11

(3)    After successfully done with the MR11, mark the dummy SO and the PR for deletion (reason for rejection) so that they are not used in the future.

We had referred to SAP team also and even they have accepted our solution.

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