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User Mapping in Duet Enterprise 1.0

As part of the installation and configuration of Duet Enterprise 1.0, a user mapping step is required to determine which Microsoft Sharepoint User Id is mapped to which SAP User Id in the Service Consumption Layer (Netweaver 7.02).    

  • User Mapping configuration is always required regardless if the user ids in SAP and SharePoint are the same.
  • The mapping configuration is done on the Service Consumption Layer (Netweaver 7.02) of the Duet Enterprise Landscape.  

The following diagram shows how users may exist in a standard Duet Enterprise Landscape: 

1)      In most cases Sharepoint Users are Active Directory Service Users   and probably do not have the same user ids as the SAP UserID

2)      There could be multiple backend systems attached to the landscape.  In this example, we will assume an SAP ERP system and a BI system have been configured in the landscape.  

a. SAPUSER2 and SAPUSER3 will be authorized to run applications in Duet Enterprise from the SAP ERP system. 

b. SAPUSER1 and SAPUSER2 will be authorized to run BI Reports in Duet Enterprise

c. All 3 of the SAP users must exist on the Service Consumption Layer.

3)      When calls are made from Sharepoint, the requests are sent to the Service Consumption layer.  Since the SCL was set up as a separate system (recommended), Sharepoint does not make direct calls to the SAP Backend systems, only to the SCL.  On the Service Consumption layer, the table VUSREXTID is used to determine the SAP user id based on the Sharepoint user who made the call.

Here are 3 example of how User mapping can be performed for Duet Enterprise:

1) User Mapping with an LDAP connection (recommended for production) 

  • This method can be used when Sharepoint and SAP user ids are different.  Mapping is done using an LDAP attribute from the ADS which will store the SAP ID
  • This method can also be used when Sharepoint and SAP user IDs are the same.  The LDAP attribute sAMAccountName will be used

For more information refer to the following post:

Duet Enterprise User Mapping with an LDAP connection

2) User Mapping without an LDAP connection 

  • This method will only work if Sharepoint and SAP user ids are the same. This method is generally used for Proof of Concept projects.

For more information refer to the following post:

Duet Enterprise User Mapping without an LDAP connection where Sharepoint and SAP User Ids are the same

3) User Mapping using a file upload

  • This is an alternative method to use when there is no LDAP connection available and Sharepoint and SAP User IDs are different.

For more information refer to the following post:

Duet Enterprise User mapping using a CSV File

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