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  For an overview of Duet Enterprise 1.0 User Mapping, refer to the following post: [User Mapping in Duet Enterprise 1.0 | User Mapping in Duet Enterprise 1.0] When to use this method: ** No access to an ADS – keep in mind this method does not do any checks to see if an actual user exists in Sharepoint.    We first need to apply OSS Note 1542681 on the SCL to deliver the correct BADI. (  Simple Bulk User Mapping to map SAP system to External users.

h3. 1) In the Duet Enterprise Service Consumption Layer (Netweaver 7.02), go to transaction SIMGH and navigate to the IMG Structure +*Microsoft SharePoint Integration Activities*+ From the menu, choose *Map SAP User Names to SharePoint User Names*   *Populate the fields in the following way:* *Client:*  Client of the SCL system (defaulted) *User/User Group:           *If you only want to map specific SAP users or from a specific SAP user group, enter the list here.  Otherwise mapping for all users in the SCL will be attempted.

*External ID:*   SA ( SAML Name Identifier) *Prefix of External Name:*  Will be *Suffix of External Name:*  Leave blank *Name of Issuer:*                This refers to the Sharepoint Security Token Service.  You can get this string from the imported Sharepoint Security Token Service Certificate in STRUST.   Use the Owner string of the certificate.  In most cases it will be “CN=SharePoint Security Token Service, OU=SharePoint, O=Microsoft, C=US”.  *BAdI Implementation:*  Use the BAdI from the implemented OSS Note “Implementation example”.  This BAdI does not require any ADS connection.  It will concatenate the SAP USERID(converted to lower case)  with the string found in the Prefix of Eternal Name to populate the  external id. Run the transaction in test mode  first to make sure the mapping string looks correct.  It is recommended to check the *Delete All Other Entries for a user* flag, to prevent duplicate entries for a user.  After running the transaction, you can see the results of what will be mapped: h3. 2) Go to transaction SM30 in the SCL for view VUSREXTID. Enter in SA when prompted for the External ID Type. You should see results in the previous step reflected in this view.    

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