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SRM-PLM Organisation Structure Re-Structuring via Dis-Integration of HR System


Integrated SAP HR and SRM and PLM system creates lot of junk data which is not required in SRM/ PLM organisation structure .Due to HR replication any changes in existing position generate IDoc which cause inconsistency in existing user’s position assigned to organisation structure.


After Disintegration of SAP HR system; user assignment into SRM organisation structure  solely carried out in SRM system .Replication issues like incomplete data, Business Partner incompleteness will no longer exist .System performance will increased and data exchange and monitoring activity reduced at larger extent .




Scope & Version: SRM & PLM Organisation Re-Structuring with SRM 4.0


SAP HR Dis-Integration can be achieved with following setting in configuration table T77S0 with the help of SM30 transaction.


Group  | Sem. Abbr  | Value abbr.| Description


HRALX  | HRAC      | X          | Activate HR Integration

HRALX  | OADBP      | Optional   | Business Partner of Standard Address

HRALX  | OADRE      |            | Address necessary for Bus. Partner?

HRALX  | OBPON      | ON         | Integration O-BP activated

HRALX  | PBPHR      | OFF        | Integration Employee/BP Activate




During Organisation restructuring we have faced following issues and found their solutions :-


1. Consistent user become Inconsistent after reassignment .

We need to be executed report B_REPAIR_EBP_USER_2 with  level 1 (No New BP generated) .


2. Workflow linkage warning Message crop up.

 This warning message rose after a call of H_GET_LEADING_POSITION during user check (BBPU_CHECK_EBP_USER)/check with USERS_GEN.


Resolution: In workflow configuration (table T77S0) you can set the indicator WFLOW/CRMUS to ‘X’.


3. Restriction of Product Category in organisation structure .This is standard SRM issue in all releases.

If we restrict Product categories in “Extended Attributes” of  organisation structure only works for search help restriction.   If user maintained restricted product category directly at Item level it won’t give any error message. It’s bug in all the SRM release .We are in discussion with SAP for this.



For PLM system, after HR disintegration following activities need to be performed to assign SU01 user to PLM organisation structure:


1. Create Employee Business Partner from BUM1 transaction.

2. Create Central Person(CP) with BP transaction.

3. Create Position with the help of PPOME .

4. Staff user into organisation structure to designated organisation unit .

5. Assign Central Person, user to the position using “Staffing Management” .




 SAP Notes:

 797879  – EBP 4.0+: Setting up business partner integration

550055  – EBP/CRM: New integration for business partner

1024258 – HRALX: PPOME Drag&Drop: BP-BP relationships not deleted


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