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Not every month, but once in a while, we celebrate exceptional SAP Mentors. Thanks so much for all the things that you are doing Tammy Powlas the mentor of the month April 2011.

Bio from her blog profile: Tammy Pawlas is a Certified Public Accountant, Project Management Professional, SAP certified in SAP BW NetWeaver, FI, CO, SEM and ASAP tool. She is an ASUG Volunteer with the BI and BITI Communities. She is an SAP Mentor.


Tammy is just amazing in bringing the community together: really active in ASUG, but always having an eye out beyond user groups.


She even keeps me on my toes with requesting a blog post or webinar around video interview I did with 2011 Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award winner Dr. Simha Magal. Yes, I am working on the blog post. Webinar with Professor Magal? Possible if there is interest.


Last month Tammy not only went to the SAP Curriculum Congress 2011, but also to the InnoJam as well as DKOM in Santa Clara, which were happening one after the other.


She is a real connector, not out to promote herself, but to create opportunities for everyone. Here she is at the SAP Curriculum Congress poster session with me introducing the professors to the opportunities that SAP Mentors are offering.

Tammy didn’t stop there, but she also followed through and connected the professors with the local SAP Mentors and she created a couple of slides covering the topic for the public SAP Mentor Monday Monthly webinar today too. Join us at 1:30pm PST.


She is also the driving force behind the Student BI club together with Ingo Hilgefort and others.

Beyond these public activities, she is also making sure that any misunderstandings within the SAP Mentor group are clarified. She pings me sometimes: Please talk to this mentor, I think there is a little problem, and she is always right.


Please join me in recognizing Tammy for being an amazing force in the SAP community.

Thanks Tammy for all the things that you are doing.

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  1. Greg Myers
    Few do more than Tammy does. I think she secretly also invented a time machine, because I don’t know how else she can do all she does.

    Admit it, Tammy. That sparkle in your eye is from overexposure to your Flux Capacitor!

    1. Former Member
      Very well deservered Tammy!  And besides inventing a time machine, I think she has also cloned herself as 1 person cannot possibly accomplish everything she does :-).

      Best Regards,
      Karin Tillotson

  2. Tammy Powlas
    I am very honored and privileged to be a SAP Mentor, ASUG Volunteer and very grateful that my company, Fairfax Water, supports me in all of this.  I am appreciative of all the great opportunities I’ve had.

    March was an amazing month to be a SAP Mentor and be exposed to other parts of the SAP eco-system.

    Thanks to Mark, Aslan and all the other SAP Mentors for the wonderful opportunities.


    1. Former Member

      Thanks to you (and your companies willingness to support you) we have a very active community out there. Keep up the great efforts.
      Thank you

  3. Jason Cao
    I agree with Mark and all the comments so far Tammy! You’re amazing! Thanks very much for always being willing to participate and help when you can (which is just about always)!


  4. Matthias Steiner
    … ever since I got to know Tammy a little better I started to get a glimpse on how much she really does and how she spreads her magic – for a fact I know that the SAP Mentors Quarterly would not be the same w/o her.


    @Tammy: It’s great to run with you knowing you watch my back and who knows… haven’t given up on the idea on seeing you soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congrats & cheers, Matthias

  5. Derek Loranca
    There are times when I am just awed by what Tammy does- I think I’m just holding on for the ride!!

    Credit goes where credit is due…and you deserve it, Tammy.  You Rock!

  6. Bala Prabahar
    Hi Tammy,

    Based on your comments/blogs, it seems you follow a very simple guideline in life:
    “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All”.

    This looks like a very simple guideline; very difficult to follow. You’re doing a great job in following this guideline.

    Congratulations on becoming SAP Mentor of the Month.


  7. Tom Cenens
    Hello Tammy

    Thanks for the effort you do for SCN and it’s community members.

    I enjoy seeing how active you are and how often you give constructive feedback on blogs you read.

    I’m also very fond of the e-learnings you have provided in area’s such as Solution Manager which are very useful.

    Thanks and keep spreading magic!

    Kind regards


  8. Former Member
    You are my personal mentor the mentor.  Just knowing you makes me tired!  (In a good way)  You do so very much.

    Thank you for being the amazing person you are!



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