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I always thought of putting in black and white  the primary difference in Dunning process in SAP FI and SAP FSCD.

Here are some features which I believe make the same concept act differently in SAP FI and SAP FSCD

1. Dunning Variant(FSCD) is assigned in the Master data instead of the Dunning Procedure (FI)

2. A dunning procedure in FSCD is ended by dunning end run after payment receipt or after a change to the master data (payment method conversion and dunning variant).
In FI the dunning process ends when all the dunning levels have been triggered and off course if the payment has been made as it only  considers open items.

3. Dunning Variant has dunning procedures and these in turn have dunning levels which in turn have activities in FSCD.

Whereas in FI Dunning procedure has dunning levels and it doesn’t drill down further.

4. Dunning Variant can be defined in an Insurance object or a contract account master data in FSCD.

Whereas in the FI dunning process the dunning procedure is only defined in the Customer master.

5. Dunning Activities in FSCD could be creation of dunning letters or notification

for a processing clerk

Whereas the Creation of dunning letters in FI results from the Dunning print based on the  form assigned in the configuration.

6. Dunning charges can be posted statistically in SAP FSCD. Also there is a charges schedule to which about 3 charges categories can be assigned to which again n number of dunning charges in absolute terms can be assigned.

Whereas in SAP FI they are levied if configured. And so many aspects don’t exist.

7. Dunning grouping category in FSCD determines how items due for dunning are dealt withing a dunning procedure as in whether separately or toegether. 4 options – Individual, Contract, COllective and Account.

Whereas in case of FI the dunning levels pick up the items which have to be dunned.

8. The dunning procedures in FSCD are determined by main and sub transactions such as initial premium , subsequent premium etc.

whereas in FI this is not the case. The dunning procedure is assigned to the customer master and according to the dunning run parameter in which the relevant customer is mentioned it is picked up.

9. Dunning activity run in FSCD involves an Information/correspondence Container where the data is stored abstractly and points to the original and these are used for repeat printing.

Whereas in FI the dunning print calls the data and prints it on the form which has been assigned in FBMP t code company code wise to different dunning levels.

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