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In March 2011 the new ST-A/PI 01N plug-in was shipped to customers and this means that many new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager. This blog will give a short overview about what is new. The largest part of new key figures is related to so-called Lead Time measurements, i.e. you can measure the average time it took from creating a certain document in SAP until a certain follow-up activity took place.

The new ST-A/PI 01N is available for download since March 2011 and can be found under (SMP login required)

A complete list/catalog of all available out-of-the-box key figures is available as MS PowerPoint presentation under (SMP login required in both cases)

Remark: On slides 3 and 4 (Table of Content) you can find hyperlinks where you can directly access the respective chapter of interest.

The following new Lead Time calculations have been developed for SAP ERP:
  • Time from  Sales Document Item creation to Post Goods Issue (in days)
  • Time from  Sales Document Item creation to Delivery Item creation (in hours)
  • Time from Outbound Delivery creation to Post Goods Issue (in days)
  • Time from Purchase Requisition Item creation to Purchase Order Item creation (in days)
  • Time from Purchase Order Item creation to Goods Receipt (in days)
  • Time from PP/PR Order Creation to Order Release (in days)
  • Time from PP/PR Order Creation to Delivery (in days)
  • Time from PP/PR Order Creation to Status TECO/CLSD (in days)
  • Time from PP/PR Order Release to Status CONF (in days)
  • Time from PP/PR Order Release to Delivery (in days)
  • Time from Inbound TO Item creation to Confirmation of item (in minutes)
  • Time from Outbound TO Item creation to Confirmation of item (in minutes)
  • Time from PM/CS Notification Creation to Notification Completion (in days)
  • Time from PM/CS Order Creation to Order Release (in days)
  • Time from PM/CS Order Creation to Status TECO/CLSD (in days)
New monitoring objects and key figures have been developed in the following areas in SAP ERP:
  • Outline Agreements (number of Contracts/Scheduling Agreements already expired or that will expire within x days)
  • Capital Tie-up (slow moving stock, i.e. similar to transaction MC46)
  • Confirmations (number of PP/PR/PM Order confirmations per day)
  • Open item (FI-GL) (number of open Items FI-GL, number of open Items FI-GL in status ‘parked’, amount of open Items FI-GL (optional))

New key figures were introduced for Sales Documents, Sales Document items, SD Invoices, MM Invoices, Production/Process/PM Orders and Batches. Some examples are:
  • Number of Return Orders (you can even do an evaluation on how many Return Orders have been created with a certain order reason)
  • Number of overdue entries in table VEPVG (Delivery Due Index)
  • Rejected Order items (allows an evalaution on material/plant combination and on rejection reason)
  • Return Order Items (allows an evalaution on material/plant combination and on order reason)
  • Invoices without Output (NAST entries)
  • Purchase Requisition overdue for Purchase Order creation
  • PO Items with Goods Receipt Qty greater Invoice Receipt Qty
  • Overdue STO items without outbound delivery completion
  • Number of MM Invoices with errors / posted / held / defined for background verification
  • Number of PP/PR Orders without assigned Planned Order
  • Number of PP/PR/PM Orders not settled
  • PM/CS Orders in phase created (Notif. complete)
  • Batch Shelf Life already expired
  • Batch Shelf Life will expire within x days

In the area of interface monitoring new IDoc reporting capabilities have been introduced and the existing file monitor has been enhanced with additional key figures and select-options.

Besides all these new key figures that have been shipped with ST-A/PI 01N there has been also some news with ST400 support package 26, i.e. a complete new Business Process Operations dashboard framework has been shipped. Within this framwork it is possible to configure specific dashboards within three basic steps

  1. Select key figures and characteristics to be displayed
  2. Chose chart type per key figure (e.g. pie-chart, bar-chart)
  3. Arrange different charts in one dashboard and assign user groups

A possible result for a manager responsible for all distribution centers in Germany can look like this

BPOp dashboard

Further Reading:

You can find all necessary information about Business Process Analytics in this document.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics are answered under and respectively.

The following blogs (chronological order) provide further details about Business Process Monitoring functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.

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  1. Jeff McDonald
    Hi Volker – thanks very much for this very informative post.
    We are evaluating BPM and would like to know if a complete list of calculations (especially lead time calculations) is available.  We have located lists for specific areas, but we are looking for a more ‘global’ listing.
    Best Regards – Jeff
    1. Volker von Gloeden Post author
      Hi Jeff,

      I am sorry but I don’t think that I got your question so far on what you are looking for. All lead times listed in this blog are the ones currently available for BPMon in SolMan. Further lead times will follow in future ST-A/PI releases (at least if our customers show further interest in that topic). A list of all available key figures is available on the SAP Service Marketplace and is mentioned at the beginning of the blog.
      So can you be a little more specific about what you are exactly looking for?

      Best Regards


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