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Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari

A fresh new format for SAP Inside Track Milan 2011

I just started organizing the first SAP Inside Track in Italy (more info here) and I immediately had the idea to adopt the same format of the SAP TechEd Demo Jam.

As you know, during that magic moment, participants are challenged to share their knowledge in just 6 mins with the following rules: no slides, no sales, original live content only.

Since the meaning of in-person events, such the SAP Inside Tracks, is to meet interesting people that contribute to the SCN Community, I think it’s better to listen to as many of them as possible talking about several different topics.

Planning a sequence of short sessions of 6 mins, plus 2 mins for the host switching, it means 7 sessions per hour,  20 sessions just in the morning.

It seems we’ll have also time for a couple of special sessions of 12 mins, and some slots to improve the network and others for some deep diving with the experts.

IMHO, the real enemy of this kind of events is the Attention Span that, in the era of Google, Social Networks and micro-blogging, is getting shorter by the day.

Here, I found a nice chart representing the concept

You can follow SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 watching its wiki page here or on Twitter following @SAPInsideTrack and looking for the hash tag #sitmil.

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      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Sergio

      I personally prefer shorter presentations with lots of demo time over a lenghty hour presentation with a lot of sales talk and very little real demo time.

      Too much sales talk makes it hard to stay concentrated after long periods of time.

      Keep us posted on the event 🙂

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hey Sergio,

      I attended SAP Inside Track The Netherlands last year hosted and organized by your SAP Mentor colleague Twan van den Broek. He also incorporated a Demo Jam. Craig even hosted the show and I believe four participants entered and competed for the prizes (SAP Press Books).

      Regarding attention span: The Demo Jam in Holland was hosted at the end of the day. So after all the 'normal' sessions and presentations (that were of normal 1 hour length and with slides) were finished. People were still having fun and the attention during Demo jam was perfectly fine. So no worries there imho 🙂

      Good luck in Italy and have fun!

      Best regards,

      Jan Laros

      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Jan, those guys you are mentioning really rock.
      btw, why don't you join us to verify if the Demo Jam format can be extended from the competition to the knowledge sharing staff.
      In any case I'll let you know.
      Author's profile photo Chris Paine
      Chris Paine
      I'd be very interested in how this goes.

      for SIT Sydney we didn't have any presentations/presenters at all - it was all discussion based. This, we have found, worked very well.

      I'd be scared that 6 minute slots mean that you never get time to get deep enough nor answer the questions that many people have.

      But I like it (your idea) very much compared the to sit back and listen to lectures style SITs that seem to be the norm. Do post a comment at least on this blog to let us know the results!

      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Chris, I'll post something on this blog to keep you updated.
      It's very interesting to know that in SIT Sidney you adopted the discussion-based-format and that it worked very well.
      Reading the wiki pages related to SIT Sidney the format is not so evident but it is clearly evident that it was an "All-Star Game".
      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari
      Blog Post Author
      I can confirm. The format works very well.

      You may want to check my last blog called "Results SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 Questionnaire" here   Results SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 Questionnaire

      and the blog by Ivan "SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 - The reporting" here SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 - The reporting