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SAP, in a strategic initiative to find a funny April Fools Day posting, announced today their first live intergalactic customer on SAP Business ByDesign, Starfleet of Alpha Centauri.

Image from:“Mmmmzzzt.  We are proud to announce that the interstellar war forces of Alpha Centauri now run SAP Business ByDesign and we are very pleased with the efficient destruction of inferior lifeforms that we have achieved mmmzzzt,” was translated from a transmission by Milky Way Galaxy Uber Grand Marshall Oyvey Maxximus.  “Don’t worry Earthlings, we come in peas. Mmmmzzzt!”  He added.

Alpha Centauri Starfleet was able to go live with a full scope implementation of SAP Business ByDesign with just a two week workshop, not including the 100 year travel time of the solution advisor.  When asked about the extra expense of bringing a consultant all the way from Earth, Uber Grand Marshall Oyvey stated, “Mmmmzzt. It was no problem.  She was very tasty.”

Image from: the Alpha Centauri Starfleets’ unique business model did require some special additions to the SAP Business ByDesign application.  The mashup capabilities needed to be augmented to enable capture of Earth’s satellites to enable a planetary wide doomsday countdown.

Alpha Centauri Starfleet had a special requirement to guard against input of computer viruses by hackers.  Uber Grand marshall Oyvey had this quote, “Mmmzzt.  We saw that movie!  You humans think us Alpha Centaurians are that lax with our network security?  I would like to remind you that we are superior lifeforms!”

Plan on meeting Alpha Centauri Starfleet at the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW conference. It will be the last thing you ever do.

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