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You don’t want to miss it …

Dear all,

Every Year Again” is one of the most famous Christmas carols in Germany – but we can also use the phrase in relation to one of my favorite events: the “SAP Virtualization & Cloud Week”. For the last four years, while still being with SAP, I had the pleasure and honor of organizing this event. Started in 2007 on the occasion of the opening of the SAP Co-Innovation Lab at SAP Labs Palo Alto the event grew every year, not only from an audience point of view but also from a content and creating awareness point of view. Now, not working for SAP anymore but running the SAP alliance for Citrix, I am very happy that my former colleagues continue the event series with the next SAP Virtualization & Cloud Week taking place at SAP Labs in Palo Alto on April 12-14, 2011.

What? You never heard of that event before? As I assume that you don’t live under a rock we must have done a lousy job in promoting it during the last years. So hurry, don’t hesitate to go to to learn about it.

For three days SAP customers, partners, analysts, SAP colleagues and many more come together to learn about the newest virtualization/cloud strategies and technologies from SAP and the ecosystem partners, and to listen to customers about their experience when running SAP solutions in a virtualized environment, in a private or even already in a public cloud (yes, there are early adaptors out there doing  this).

But what is even equally interesting is the opportunity for networking. The SAP campus in Palo Alto is by far not as large as the one at Walldorf in Germany, it has a certain level of privacy (and the weather is better than in Walldorf, normally). This helps everyone attending the event to meet many other customers, partners and SAP colleagues.

Actually, last year after SAP Virtualization Week 2010 (look at for some pictures) Citrix’s CTO Simon Crosby (who is a VWeek alumni) told me that this is one of his favorite events because in his sessions he is not only talking to a very interested audience but also has to chance to meet so many different people, including the ecosystem in Silicon Valley. Of course I am very happy that Simon is presenting this year again, look at for more details.

Actually, talking about the sessions. They are 42 of them (which, of course, is also the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”), and I like all of them. And guess what? This year, being partner speaker and not organizer anymore, I have actually the chance and time to attend as many sessions as I want. During the last years the whole event team was so busy with taking care of the organization that we simply had no time to fully pay attention to the content of the sessions. I will enjoy this year’s event, very much indeed.

What? You want to know my favorite sessions? Sure, I’ll have them here for you. (Oh, this is getting interesting now …)

Well, of course, I won’t miss the sessions of my good old friend and SAP colleague Gunther Schmalzhaf, especially as he is always starting his presentations with one of his famous Swabian jokes; btw, Gunther, here is one for you: Do you know what a “Swabian Spritzer” (“Schwabenschorle”) is? It’s tap water mixed with sparkling water; a joke most probably not easy to understand for non-Germans, but I give it a try.

But Gunther is not alone; with him many other SAP colleagues talk about a lot of interesting topics. Above all we will listen again to a great keynote by Kaj van de Loo, Senior Vice President for Technology Strategy of SAP AG. (A site note: without Kaj they wouldn’t be an SAP Virtualization & Cloud Week in Palo Alto at all, because back in 2005 he offered me a position in Palo Alto which allowed me to relocate to US from Walldorf. Otherwise maybe I still would work for SAP in Germany. Thanks again, Kaj.)

Then there are many sessions presented by SAP’s ecosystem partners like Amazon, Capgemini, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Freudenberg IT, Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Red Hat, Sentilla, Texperts, Tiburon Consulting, Unisys, Virtustream, VMware and WFT – actually this is the complete list of partners presenting at the event. 🙂 I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Finally, last but certainly not least, we have the customers like University Magdeburg, University Munich, Cardinal Health, Amerigas, John Deere and Cormeta. There is nothing better than a customer talking about his experience with virtualization and cloud, about what is working well and what is working not so well.

Did you realize? I included all sessions here; they are all my favorite ones. I wish I could visit all three tracks in parallel …

Ok, I think this is enough for today. Last week the VWeek team told me that the event will be sold out soon (the SAP campus in Palo Alto has limited space, as I already told you before), so hurry, don’t wait, don’t look for excuses for not going there – simply take your credit card, go to

and submit your registration. It’s that easy – and you will have a great event to enjoy in two weeks.


I am looking forward to seeing you at the SAP Virtualization & Cloud Week 2011.


Best regards,



P.S.: Now you are wondering that I did not write one single word yet about my own session … Well, just let me tell you that the speaker team (I won’t be alone) is working very hard to surprise you.  It won’t be one of the typical powerpoint+demo sessions, it will be different, very different … magical … you’ll see it on April 13 at 2:30pm PST.

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  • Hi Roland,

    You might be surprised,but I came to know about this Virtualization event only from this blog. Then am reading all the related blogs written by you previously.
    Good to begin the day with this blog.
    Will something similar to this event happen in India so that SAP partners too can collaborate?
    However, would you be also posting the event proceedings please?


    With Regards,

    • Hello Kumud,

      thanks for reading my blog. I finished my day by writing it, you started yours with it. 🙂

      So far the SAP Virtualization Week took place in Palo Alto only, but I would love to see one in Walldorf or in Bangalore for example. You should talk to the event team about this.

      Yes, I plan to blog about the event next week, and you will se activities on Twitter. Just follow #saponcitrix.



  • Hi,

    here’s something else I want to share with you.

    A couple of days ago I ordered demo software from SAP which arrived at my office in Santa Clara today. Among NetWeaver and Solution Manager I got Adaptive Computing Controller 7.2.

    Well, being product manager for ACC back in 2004 and bringing ACC 1.0 to life it was a great experience to see ACC 1.0 and 7.2 together (see



  • Excitement for #SAPVWeek is mounting – the event is sold out.

    But you can still participate online, for free (yes, really).

    Here the details:
    •     Hashtag: #SAPVWeek (please us in all your Tweets; you can also follow @SAPVWeek)
    •     Virtual Platform:

    Follow blogs during and after the event here:

    And of course, don’t miss Roland. It’s always worthwhile to listen to him.