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SAP Forum 2011 São Paulo, day 2

On the 2nd day of the SAP Forum 2011 in São Paulo (24/03/2011) I arrived a little bit earlier as I – together with Marcelo and Henrique – had to give a presentation at 9am: “Run better with SCN”.
Arriving early gave me the time to take some pictures of São Paulo and the location:

image image
image image


Run better with SCN

The idea of giving a presentation about SCN at the SAP Forum 2011 came to me during a chat with Henrique, and after adding Marcelo soon we had our session abstract submitted and we got accepted (thanks SCN for supporting us). The objective of the session was to spread the word about what SCN can offer for you and your company to get more Brazilian SAP professionals to participate in SCN. Before the session the three of us talked a little bit about the structure of the presentation and who will talk about what and the time reserved. Yes, this was the first time the three of us talked to each other face to face about the presentation. Great example of virtual collaboration!


Everything is ready, waiting for the doors to be opened.

At 9am we started our presentation. I’m convinced that more people liked to join our session, but Murphy’s Law hit us with full impact. Despite that I believe we gave a great overview about SCN, the benefits for you and your company as specifically, for Brazil.

  • I talked about SCN in general and the benefits of participation like the topic leaders
  • Marcelo presented the SAP Mentors initiative as the SAP Inside Tracks
  • Henrique gave a great inside view about the forums in Portuguese, explaining why SAP chosen to use the forums as a way of communication – specifically for NF-e. There was even an SCN user present that personally thanked Henrique for the support he received through the forum.

Another really important feature Henrique presented were the Wikis in Portuguese. That’s right: we were part of the official go-live of the Portuguese Wiki on SCN! There you’ll find useful information about SPED, NF-e and localized ERP (CO, MM, SD).
Some day the presentation should be available for download at the SAP Forum 2011 page.

The title of our presentation

Marcelo speaking about SAP Mentor



Henrique speaking about SCN@Brasil

Next a 3 hour talk with Marcelo, Wanice and Marlo about SCN in Brazil, the problems we have, how we can improve the visibility of SCN in Brazil, planned the next editions of SIT, run into some supporters of us and SCN from SAP. That’s right, we talked more than 3 hours about that topic (we are really passionate about SCN in Brazil).


BI on Demand
The on demand solution from SAP for BI was presented. Nice thing: it was the personal – free – version that got presented (you can already use it, so why not start right NOW?). The presenter focused on how you can achieve immediate results from using BI on demand by using the information available there. The biggest vantage of an on-demand solution is simple: access to the information you need, from everywhere. Instead of having the information in your BI system, but without being able to access it, the on demand solution gives you access. Instead of being disconnected or wait several hours for the data extraction you simply upload your document (XLS, XLSX, CSV) and immediately you can start selecting the data for the report, create the final report and share it (of course, with security applied). I’m not sure if BI on demand allows you to access it by a mobile device (web or app).




Gestão de aprendizagem continua e otimização de base de usuários capacitados (Benefits and usage of SAP Enterprise Learning

SAP Enterprise Learning covers all aspects of learning and therefore is more than the BP LMS. An interesting feature is that it enables you to create a new training by picking the training modules from other courses and combine them to a new curse. Also the tight integration of e-Learning was demonstrated by showing BI reports that showed how the employee performed after he attended training. These reports give managers direct feedback about the usefulness of trainings or of the trainers.
In the practical part of the presentation a customer showed how they implemented Enterprise Learning and what benefits they gained. Unfortunately there was no experience to tell, as the pilot phase is scheduled to start next month (April).

Placing e-Learning in context

BI reports about the effectiveness of the training

After that I took a look at what the expo is offering and ran in to a fellow SIT São Paulo companion Alexandre. We discussed the mobile connection problems at the SAP Forum and that it is hard to experience the mobile age when the Wifi access is really expensive and your smartphone isn’t able to connect to the net (no 3G or Edge, sometimes not even voice).


Demo booth from SAP
Golden Hall

Later I left the event to go to the airport (CGH) to catch my flight back to Rio (SDU).


Thanks to:

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  • and everybody else I forgot to mention.


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