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The Records Replace feature

One of the Lesser known features that DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition has is the ability to replace data in all or part of a field in all or some of the records in a file.  This feature is used to change the data in your data base.  Some of the basic things that you can do is to blank out a field.  If you want to remove all of the data in a field you can use this feature.  Go into the Records replace menu and use the replace screen to remove your data.  The screen is setup so you can select the field you want to blank out and then in the insert box put in nothing(to blank out the field).  Select entire field in the delete box, select the records you want to blank (all non-deleted records, Selected Records or Current Record) then click ok.  This will remove the data in the field you setup. 

You can also use this feature to make more advanced changes in your data.  Instead of just blanking out all of the data in a field you can delete part of the data in the field.  You can add just a few characters to your field.  You can remove just a set of characters from your field.  Add this to the fact that you can do this on just a select group of records in your file and this becomes a very powerful tool to make changes to your database. 

We have more details and examples in the Knowledge base, or you can use our sample file to test changes on.  Just a word of warning there is no undo for this feature.  Once you make a change you cannot undo it.  So when in doubt practice on one record or our sample file. 

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