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On occasion SCN needs to update the SAP Community Network (SCN) Terms of Use (TOU) to keep up with local laws and precedent. These updates also provides an opportunity to clarify, consolidate or make any needed changes. To ensure you are made aware of the changes, when the SCN TOU is changed, all members are required to re-accept the SCN TOU. The SCN TOU will be updated the last week of March 28, 2011. As part of this update, the SCN and Idea Place TOU have been combined. Accepting the SCN TOU will now allow you to use Idea Place without requiring you to accept an additional TOU. Updates to TOU are intended to be annual, though this will be the first update in almost two years.
Once the SCN TOU is updated, you will be prompted with the SCN TOU and Privacy Statement at next log in. Please read and accept it in order to remain an active member.  At that time, you will be able to review the full TOU and Privacy Statement .  (Note: If you choose not to accept the TOU and Privacy Statement, you can still read and consume SCN content, but you will not be allowed to post or download.)
And as always, if you have any questions, please contact the SCN Team at and we’ll do our best to answer your questions .
Thank you for your continued support.


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  1. Jim Spath
    It would have been better to allow us to read about the changes well before springing them on us. Plus I could only see this blog after accepting the clickthrough box: “You must accept this agreeement.” Sigh.
    1. Kuhan Milroy Post author
      Thanks for the feedback Jim.

      Users can still consume content without accepting but I see how that can be confusing as it is not clearly stated on the TOU page itself.

      Next time the update blog will be posted earlier.



  2. Chris Paine
    Very happy that Idea Place coming online with no additional TOU – it’s great news.

    But would have been nice just to have a delta of the old TOU and the new so I could see what I in addition signing away and not have to scour the small print for every tiny change.

    The other institution that’s constantly changing its terms and conditions on me (my bank) has got quite good at this – perhaps SCN could learn from other consumer focused organisations approaches.


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