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VOFM – Condition Base Value – Routines

Including Net Value + Freight Value to the Condition Base Value of the Tax Procedure condition type BASB (Purchase Order ME21N)

Scenario Description:

                As per the standard, Condition Base value for Tax procedure is Net Value of the Pricing Procedure in Purchase Order(ME21N). Our Scenario is for the Tax procedure TAXAU (Australia) Condition Type BASB we need to add the Freight value with the Net Value. It will be achieved by the Formulas in VOFM Transaction.

Routine Creation Steps:

                Go to Transaction VOFM – Formulas – Condition Base Value create a User defined routine number as SAP Provided for example 911. It will ask the access key to create the routine. Get the access key from BASIS then create the routine as per the below screen shots.

Creating Routine Screen1:

  VOFM Screen1

Creating Routine Screen 2:

 VOFM Screen2

Write the code as below in the sample routine

* This routine is used to get the Condition Base value of Tax Procedure*
** as Net Value + Freight Value from Pricing Procedure **
*** You can make it for a particular plant


ENDFORM.                    “FRM_KOND_BASIS_911

 In the above code XKAWRT is the field which gets the value including the Net Value + Freight Value.

Note :

** Routine name will be generated by SAP automatically

Assigning the Routine in Tax Procedure Steps: 

Go to the transaction OBYZ Tax Procedure to include your routine. Select the Procedure in the child window as shown in the below screen shot.

Tax Procedure Screen1:

 Tax Screen1

Tax Procedure Sceeen2:

Then select the Tax Procedure TAXAU to include your routine to the Condition Base Value.

Tax Screen2

Tax Procedure Screen 3:

Select the Control folder in the left side of the window as below.

Tax Screen3 

Tax Procedure Screen 4:

Assign your routine 911 in the condition Type BASB in the column Bas Type.

 Tax Screen4


** Functional Consultant will take care of the routine assignment as above screen shots.

Pricing Procedure Steps:

Go to the Transaction M/08 and select your pricing procedure and select control folder in left side of the window.

Pricing Procedure Screen1:

 Pricing Screen1

Pricing Procedure Screen2:

To fetch the Conditional Type Values of Pricing Procedure to your Routine SAP has provided some 6 Subtotal fields as per the below Screenshot. Fields (KOMP-KZWI1 to KOMP-KZWI6) are used to fetch the values to your routines. Assign it in Subtotal Column of the Pricing Procedure.

  Pricing Screen2

For our scenario we need not assign any value to the Pricing Procedure. As per our need we have to process those values in our routine and then pass the final value to the Tax Procedure. Here we are directly getting the value of Net Value + Freight and we are passing it to the Tax Procedure Condition Base Value – BASB Condition Type.

Important Points to be noticed while Transporting the routine from Source to Target Client:  

      While creating the routine system will create the Entries in TFRM & TFRMT tables as below

Entry in the table TFRM Screenshot: 


Entry in the Table TFRMT Screen Shot : 


1)  You have to make sure before transporting your routine from Source to Target system using the Transaction (se09) whether those tables (TFRM & TFRMT) entries are present in your request.

2)  If the entries in that table are not there just deactivate your routine in your routine from VOFM Transaction Edit menu deactivate. Capture that in new request then that entry will come into your request. Then transport that request with your program from Source to Target client.

3)  After transporting to the Target client run the report RV80HGEN to activate your routine in that client.

General Note :

** To transport the routine from Development to Quality for testing use the Transaction SCC1 for transporting without releasing your request.




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