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Linux & SAP

Openness in platform is a culture which enables all kind of individuals and organizations to contribute and design creative , efficient and secure project/product. The Linux (might be GNU/Linux) is a great example of this open culture. Now it is available on almost all type of electronic products.

In SAP servers Linux is growing like any thing and I found Linux is better option for SAP servers from Security and Administration point of view. Right now, two Linux distributors ( RedHat & SuSE) are working hard with SAP to ensure all SAP products get optimized on their distribution.
SAP has certified both the distributions on x86, x86_64, IPF, IBM System p and IBM System z  platforms. For SAP on Linux currently three databases Oracle, MaxDB and DB2 are certified by SAP.
Vishal Ranadive

(P.S. : Before planning any SAP implementation with Linux , refer compatibility matrix and also refer SAP Note 171356 – SAP software on Linux: Essential information)

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