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How to find BWA version?

Well, from SAP BW side not that easy J however everything is possible since there is a class CL_RSDDTREX_SERVICE.

For very simple information about BWA release and its revision you can call GET_BIA_RELEASE method:


For little bit more comprehensive information about SP of BW as itself you can call method COMP_BI_SP_BIA_REV.


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    • Hi Vitaliy, at current prj I have access only to BW backed into which BWA is connected to. And simply I was just curious about BWA version. For sure there many other ways to find it out from different places e.g OS shell scripts?, TREX Admin Tools?. This is just one that I was able to find.
      Cheers, Martin
      • If you do not have access to standard transactions RSDDBIAMON and TREXADMIN, but have access to RSRV (and time, because it might take some time depending on the size of BWA) go to RSRV -> System Information -> BI Accelerator -> Simple BIA functionality check.
        In the output you’ll find:

        ====== BIA Instances ======
        BIA instance found on …
        —— Instance XXX/00 ——
        version: 700.54.216538