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Change The Original System Of an Object

Hello Folks,

      just came across a problem while working with a client, so thought of sharing it with you.


Example Scenario :

SRM Landscape :


ZTT_MARA is created in SRM landscape system ( SID CSD  request no. CSD345672) and not the requirement is to migrate it into another system landscape say BI andscape ( SID BBD )


BI Landscape :


Now with the help of basis people the request CSD345672 is migrated to BBD, but the problem we faced is whenever we tried changing the object ZTT_MARA the BBD is saving it to the local workbench request and in the repair mode.

After investigation by opening th object in SE80 in BBD

 right click the object——>other functions———>Display Object Directory Entry


we found out that the oiginal system is still the CSD thats why the system while creating the request is behaving differently.

Two solutions :

1: now if we want to tranport the local workbench request created in BBD for object ZTT_MARA either create another request of type ” Transport Of Copies” and include the object of local workbench request in it and then delete the local workbech request and transport.

2: change the original system of the object itself by going to SE03 ” Change Object directory entries”. After doing this the system behaved normally in creation of transportable request and no object is going in repair mode.

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  • Hi,
    Do you know of any solution to perform the SE03 action in mass? I have a whole lot of objects and perform the modification on a one-by-one basis as soon as I need to modify an object.
    I would rather do it once and for all.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
    • Guillaume,

      if I have to do stuff like this for any large number of objects, I usually (ab)use the LSMW. I create a CSV file that contains the objects in question, record the steps and then use the LSMW to create a batch-input recording of the steps repeated for every single object.


    • Halo Guillame,

      The original source system is usually stored in table TADIR  SRCSYSTEM field.

      You can use Function Module TRINT_TADIR_MODIFY to modify the entry programatically


    • SE03 accepts wildcards like *, so you can select multiple objects or use “Change Object Directory Entries of Objects in a Request” report. In the overview list you can use F6 to select multiple objects. So it can go quite fast.
    • You can enter OK-Code MASS after you have selected the objects in question in the tree view of SE03 option “change object directory entry”.
      I learned this recently, happy to pass it on.