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24 Mar 2011 Postal Bulletin – 5 DMM revisions

As a quick summary, here are the four DMM revisions and one correction in today’s PB:

  1. Express Mail and Priority Mail Open and Distribute — Clarification of Destination Entry
  2. Pallet Placards and Intelligent Mail Tray Labels 
  3. Optional Use of a Local Permit Imprint in Other Mailing Locations 
  4. DMM Correction: New Mailing Options for Flats and Irregular Parcels Bearing a Simplified Address 
  5. Introduction of Priority Mail Forever Prepaid Flat Rate Packaging and Shipping Services Revisions 

As far as our Presort goes, items 1 & 5 don’t affect supported rate categories; item 3 details how mailers may enter pieces bearing a local permit imprint so affects mailers’ documentation and job setup practices; and item 4 moves up the date for new simplified address options from 6 June to 17 Apr to coincide with the rate changes that take effect then (as an aside, is anyone looking to do simplified addresses on PER flat/parcel mail? if so I’d appreciate reading a comment to this entry or alternatively an email sent via our support group about what that usage looks like!).

That leaves item 2, which reiterates that line 3 of pallet placards must contain the office of origin or mailer location, rather than the destination entry office that some mailers have been using instead. This revision, effective 6 June, will provide options for printing one of the required data pieces AND the destination entry office on both pallet placards and Intelligent Mail(r) tray labels.

If you’re already printing one of the required data pieces there (as you must be, right?) you won’t have to change a thing, but if you want to include that destination entry office info you can use one of these new options. Basically they allow line 3 to have the destination entry office info left-justified on line 3 as long as one of the required alternatives is either right justified on that same line (always preceded by “ORIGIN” or “ORGN” in these cases) or on the subsequent line or in a right-hand corner of the extraneous info area. Our software currently supports modifying these label layouts, so you could conceivably use these options as soon as they are allowed.

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