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Means of Transport Calculations

Most first-timers to SNC wonder how the “Generate Proposal” button works in the Means of transport creation in Transportation Lane.

What is this Generate Proposal you ask?

When you go to “Create Means of Transport” window, within the transportation lane, you see the “Generate Proposal” button. It calculates the Kms and numbers of hours it would take to travel between the source and destination location by your chosen means of transport (Truck, Rail, Air, etc).

Where do these KMS and hours come from?

From SPRO –> IMG –> SCM-Basis –> Master Data –> Transportation Lane –> Maintain Means of Transport

In this configuration, it maintains:

  • Means of Transport – Truck, Rail, Airplane, Courier Express and Delivery Company, Ship, Car
  • Standard Code – This is a 3 digit code representing that Means
  • Average Speed – This is where the magic of SAP kicks in. This config maintains the Average Speed of the mode of transport in KM/HR
  • Factor – This is the factor comparing the actual distance that the vehicle has to covers as compared to the aerial distance (as the crow flies). It is used in calculating the actual time the mode of transport will take
  • Setup Time – Fixed time spent by the vehicle at a location between 2 trips.
  • Work Time – This is the number of hours per working day that the mode of transport is actually travelling/ working. If the driver drives only 8 hours per day, the work time is 8 hours. Hence if the actual travel time is 24 hours, it would take 3 working days.
  • Mode of Transport – This is the mode of transport by which the transport is taking place – Road, Rail, Air, Sea, etc.

Based on the Means of Transport you select – the average speed is picked from the above config; and based on the distance between the source location and destination location, the distance is arrived at. Based on these two figures, the Transportation duration is calculated – taking into consideration the Work timings/ Shift timings.

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