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Innovation across all areas, that’s Feature Pack 2.6 of Business ByDesign

Even though Feature Pack 2.6 has been released to customers already end of January it still makes sense to mention the main highlights  briefly.

Beside functional enhancements to all application areas, here are the most important topics you should know of:

  1. ByDesign is now available in three more countries: Austria, Switzerland and Canada
    And if SAP talks about country availability this doesn’t mean just the language:
    Financials and Human Resources applications are compliant to the local legal regulations of these countries. In addition also country specific functionality of other applications such as the Intrastat for Austria is now available.
  2. UI flexibility and adaptation
    A lot has been improved for a ByDesign key user. The most important feature might be the process integration of custom fields. If a customer adds his own field to a screen, this field can be transferred along a process chain. Example: A new field on the customer can be transferred to sales orders and then be printed on the invoices for this customer.
  3. More mobile devices and scenarios
    With Feature Pack 2.5 ByDesign was made available on a mobile device for the first time – the iPhone. Now with Feature Pack 2.6 the Blackberry is supported as well. You can download the Blackberry app from every ByDesign system in the Home work center. At the same time new scenarios have been added to the iPhone app and an additional iPad app has been published that allows you to access every report in ByDesign. More details can be found on iTunes.
  4. Subsidiary support
    ByDesign in general has been designed for small and medium enterprises. But a lot of these smaller companies belong to a big corporate network and have to report their financial statements to their headquarter every quarter or year. With Feature Pack 2.6 it’s now possible to prepare the financial statements in a way that it’s easy to consolidate that data in the ERP system of the mother company.
  5. Business ByDesign studio – the Software Development Kit
    From now on partners can build integrated add-ons on top of ByDesign. This includes small screen enhancements via mashups, new forms and report, and also totally new work centers and screens. Even mobile applications can easily be build just once and will then automatically be available on all supported devices within the native ByDesign app. How these add-ons will be made available to customer will be covered in a future post. 

If you are looking for more information check out this small presentation.

You can also leave me a comment and I will write additional blog posts about the topics you are most interested in.

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