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What’s new in SAP StreamWork: Feed improvements, action item reminders, favorite templates, and more

In the latest release of SAP StreamWork, we’ve made refinements that strengthen its focus on connecting with people and ease of use. Here’s what you’ll discover.


Feed improvements


To help you keep up to date on the work others are doing, we’ve enhanced the way the feed works. Click Mark important – located below each update – and everyone that’s following you will see that you’ve flagged it as important. To privately highlight an update just for yourself, click the bookmark icon to its right. To the left of the feed, you can select the updates you’ve bookmarked for yourself and those that others have marked as important. To alert someone else about your status update, start by typing the @ symbol into your status bar and then continue typing their name or email address – you’ll be able to select their name to auto-complete it. After you click Post, SAP StreamWork will send them an email with the text of your status update. To see a quick recap of who’s mentioned you in their posts, click @Mentions to the left of the feed.


Action item reminders


Frustrated that the person you assigned an action item to hasn’t followed up yet? No need to send them an email outside of SAP StreamWork – instead, find the action item, click Actions, and select Send Reminder. Add an optional personal message – with a hint of friendly sarcasm, if you like – then click Send, and they’ll receive the reminder at the email address associated with their account.


In the latest release, we’ve made it even easier to send a reminder – when creating the action item, just select how far in advance the reminder should be sent.


Favorite templates


If you already use templates to quickly create activities pre-populated with a customized set of work items, you’ll know how much time they can save if you often need to create similar activities. We’ve now made it even quicker to access the templates you like most – just click the star next to a template to mark it as a Favorite. If you use the professional edition of SAP StreamWork and there’s a template that you know others would like, you can publish the template to make it visible to everyone in your organization.


Better collaborative editing for Google Docs


A short time ago, we made it possible for you to link from your activities to files in your Google Docs account. This means that your files stay synchronized between SAP StreamWork and Google Docs, and you don’t need to reupload them after you make a change. In the latest release, we’ve made it even easier for your team to edit your files together. When uploading new a file from Google Docs, click the checkbox that says “Allow any participant with a Google account to edit this document,” and they’ll be able to edit it via SAP StreamWork just like you can – instead of having to log in to Google Docs separately. For files that you had uploaded previously, you can find this same checkbox by clicking More Actions > Properties just below the name of the work item.


Quicker connections to people


The people you work with are at the heart of any activity, so we’ve made it quicker to see who’s participating in an activity with you. To the left of the work items in an activity, you’ll now see the full list of participants immediately – no clicking or waiting for the list to load. As a shortcut for adding more participants, you’ll also see a green plus sign icon just above the list.


Cleaner interface for work items


If screen real estate is at a premium on your desktop, you’ll like this change – work items now take up less horizontal space in your browser window. The Pin in Place and Move functions are now nestled to the left of the work item – just roll your mouse over the work item and you’ll see their grey icons appear and be able to use them as before. Other work item functions are now directly below the item’s title – click View Fullscreen or More Actions.


Simplified access to action items and templates


As we add more features to SAP StreamWork, we’re taking care to ensure that it remains easy to navigate to the right place within the application. For that reason, we’ve now consolidated your activities, action items, worklists, and templates into a streamlined left panel. You’ll now see a quick snapshot of how many action items have been assigned to you and also be able to quickly get to your favorite template and any templates shared with you by members of your organization.


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  • All that and you can still try this out for FREE!!!

    I use streamwork but not all the functionality.  This is a great blog to mark as a favorite.

    Thank you!