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Deactivation of Event Linkage in SAP Business Workflow

You notice that a particular workflow or workflows are no longer being triggered or that users are not receiving their work items in their inbox as expected. Your Workflow Administrator also receives error notifications in their SAP inbox with title “Error in event receiver”. (Transaction SBWP – Documents folder).


In your event linkage in transaction SWE2 you use the default system behaviour regarding handling errors.



Incorrect or corrupt data being passed from the triggering object event container to the event receiver/workflow template container.


No data being passed from the an object event container element to a mandatory workflow container element. If a container element is flagged as mandatory then it must receive data when the workflow is being triggered.



[1] Change the default behaviour of the event linkage in transaction SWE2.

The default settings in SWE2 for the linkage between an object event and a workflow template are as follows:

You can see the Linkage Activated checkbox which shows if the event linkage is active or not. If a problem (mentioned in the Cause section) occurs this checkbox is deactivated when the Behaviour Upon Error Feedback = System defaults.

Set the Behaviour Upon Error Feedback = Do not change linkage and Receiver Status = No errors.

If an error is returned, the linkage is not changed. The event is stored temporarily for redelivery. If more events follow for this linkage, attempts are made to start the receiver. If an error is discovered, the relevant events are stored temporarily. With this configuration, only those events for which the error has occurred are stored temporarily. Receivers/Workflows with no errors (based on the event parameters) are started immediately. 

Carry out the steps detailed above for all your active event linkages in SWE2.


[2] Establish the reason for the error in the first place

Carrying out the steps in [1] above will prevent the event linkage from being deactivated. However, it does not resolve the error that occurred in the first place so you must now troubleshoot this issue in order to stop the error and redeliver any events in error.

When the event linkage gets deactivated, a mail is sent to the SBWP of the WF administrator, detailing the cause of the error. Ususlly this is due to incorrect data being passed from the Object event to the event receiver/workflow template. Please check the inbox (Documents – not workflow inbox) of the Wf admin for mails/notifications around the time of the deactivation and it will detail what error has occurred.


Activate the Event log (transaction SWELS). As soon as the linkage gets deactivated again, please check the event log with transaction SWEL and it should have an entry for all successful events but will also have entry for the one that deactivated the linkage. If you double click on this it should give some information on why this is happening. (It is not advised to leave the Event log switched on in Production for long periods as it may cause performance issues. Switch off once the linkage is deactivated).

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  • another way is to go to the workflow template in transaction SWDD basic data start events and click on the grey diamond to activate or green square to deactivate. of course, i had to learn it the hard way.
    there is one more transaction for that, too: SWETYPV, so more than one way to skin the cat.
  • Thanks for all your kind comments. I should have done this some time ago but better late than never. Will try to do some more blogs in the near future and will look at submitting this to the Workflow wiki.


  • Hi, this help me to solve the error that was deactivating the linkage and now in SWEL I see the green icon left to “SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT_IBF“. But I still have the problem that the workflow does not get triggered. Could it be that it fails passing the new attribute parameter &ZZBUS1001.NEWPLANT& towards &INPLANT& ?

    Having in mind that this workflow that I was asked to add the plant from MM02 the BO ZZBUS1001 delegates BUS1001.

    What I am missing?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Primo,

      If it states that the workflow was triggered in SWEL then it must be triggered. Did you check SWI1 or SWIA to see if there is a triggered workflow? It mayb eb that the workflow is triggered but is in error and so work items are not showing in users inboxes.