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Two typical problems with Job Request and SAP CPS connection

Problem: No Connection to SAP CPS by Redwood:

An analysis reveals that your Business Automation Enabler (BAE) connection is not working, but the SAP Solution Manager integration is based on the BAE API.


Please follow the steps described in SAP note 1265635
to setup the BAE connection between SAP CPS and SAP Solution Manager. This description is valid for SAP CPS releases lower than M33.
You don’t have to create any RFC destination to SAP CPS in the Solution Manager system, because SAP CPS creates the destination automatically if the parameter SAP_EableRfcDestination is set to True.
The XBP communication user in SAP Solution Manager also needs the role
SAP_BC_REDWOOD_COMMUNICATION (if not already assigned).
If everything is correctly setup the tests of transaction EXTSDL should not longer
lead to error messages.

Typical errors are:

  • User misses BAE authorizations either in the SAP CPS system or BAE system (i.e. SAP Solution Manager system).
  • If the BAE connection between SAP CPS and Solution Manager breaks after a while, restarting the process server in SAP CPS will reestablish the connection
  • Please report any issues with the BAE connection to component XX-PART-REDWOOD-CPS.



Problem: You can no longer select systems in a Job Request in your SAP
Solution Manager system.

This is a configuration issue. The relevant Implementation Guide (IMG) activities are:

  • Start transaction SPRO
  • Navigate to (Please note the path can be different for different support packages)
  • -> SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide
  • -> SAP Solution Manager
  • -> Cross-Scenario Settings
  • -> Business Partners (BP must be assigned to user (via role employee) and to managed systems (via external system identifiers) ) and
  • -> IBase (there must be an IBase component for the managed system)


If the field Business Partner in the Job Request header area is empty your SAP user is not assigned to a Business Partner.

  • Start transaction BP
  • Create or open your business partner as described in the IMG activity “Create Key User”
  • Change to Edit mode
  • Select business partner role “Employee” (technical key BUP0003)
  • Switch to tab “Identification”
  • Enter your user into field “User Name” in section “Employee Data”
  • Save your business partner
  • Open a new Job Request and you should see your business partner number
    in the header area


If the value help for systems in the Job Request is empty your business partner is not assigned to any managed system.

The value help for systems get its data from the tab “Indentification”
of role “General”. You use the External System Identifier (technical key CRM001) to assign (users in) managed systems to key users in SAP Solution Manager.

Solution: Follow the descriptions in IMG activity “Create key User”.


 In “ASCII art”:

               Role Employee             External System Identifier

 User  ———————— BP —————————————- Managed


                    1:1                                     1:n

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  • Thank you martin for you valuable inputs..

    For the general issues regarding other way connectivity of CPS with any systems, you can also use the functionality while defining the system for default check for the connections to the remote systems.

    This will try to recheck the status of the Job ID: in the corresponding to the system.

    This will be helpful for the long running jobs as well.sometimes due to connection fluctuations, the exact status of the Jobs cant not fetched and so this will help to regain the status of the job.

    Hope this helps too to maintain the dual connectivity