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Part 1: SAP BCM in the Cloud – Contact Center Solution to Enhance your Customer Service Capabilities

Before getting started, I think it’s important to set a context for what I will refer to as a “contact center” throughout this blog.  When one first thinks of a contact center, huge centers dedicated to customer service operations come to mind.  Contact centers do not just refer to these robust call centers.  For purposes of this blog, a contact center is any base of operations used to manage inbound customer communication.  Thus, contact center solutions are relevant for both the large company with multiple call centers as well and the small or midsized business with far fewer resources to dedicate to such operations.      

iServiceGlobe recently unveiled a multichannel cloud based contact center solution. We are excited about this latest development because it is a natural extension of our already existing CRM solutions. Based upon SAP BCM (Business Communication Manager) Rapid Deployment Edition, this cloud based solution includes integration with SAP CRM 7.0 and is available in a subscription model. 

We can get into the details of this integration later, but for now, I thought it would help to shed light on BCM.  Towards the end of last year, in an effort to refine our solution offerings, we surveyed a variety of customers to get a better idea of some of their existing customer service issues.  What we found was that many of our customers were struggling with their contact center operations.  Below is a brief list of a few of the items that continually arose as difficulties:

·         Routing calls to the proper agent or manager

·         Managing contact center personnel

·         Variability in service quality depending on service agent

·         Failed call transfers

·         Confused service agents from multiple user interfaces

To address these issues, we searched for a simple and easy to implement solution that could address these concerns.         

After a few months of research and testing various contact center solutions, we landed on SAP BCM, an all software based contact center solution that comes with native integration to SAP business applications such as SAP ERP and CRM.  SAP BCM proved to be a natural extension of our SAP CRM solution.  To complement our cloud based SAP CRM offering, we developed a cloud based SAP BCM offering as well.

So it all sounds great, but how will this solution actually help your business?

·         Intelligent routing of customer calls

·         Email based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and self-service

·         Screen pop-ups providing a 360-degree view of customer to call

          center agent (when integrated with an SAP business 


·         Directory and presence services of onsite/remote/at home

          based call center agents

·         Real time recording, supervision and coaching of call center

          agents by supervisors

·         Centralized management, administration and monitoring

·         Blended analytics

·         Supports virtual contact center with diverse users (onsite

          agents, remote agents and automated services)

·         Supports a range of terminals such as IP desk phone, PC

          desktops, and mobile terminals

As you can see, BCM provides a diverse set of functionalities that are useful for almost any organization.  The benefit to our cloud based offering is that it integrates seamlessly with other SAP business applications and can scale with your business.     

Be sure to check back in tomorrow and I’ll provide some additional details into the solution.

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