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Part 2: SAP BCM in the Cloud – Solution Details

Yesterday, I provided a broad overview of a few of the functional benefits to our cloud based SAP BCM solution.  Today, we’ll get into the solution details.  I will not only explain the functional tools but also the operational benefits.  It will look like a bit of a laundry list but that is mainly because the functional tools within BCM are vast.  At the conclusion of the blog I will highlight some of the actual business benefits from this solution.

SAP BCM rapid deployment solution provides a variety of tools to help any organization that is looking to streamline the manner in which it handles both inbound and outbound customer interactions. I will focus on the following:

·         Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

·         Inbound contact center

·         Click to dial for outbound calls

·         Supervisor and manager tools

·         Operations and system management

·         Monitoring and reporting

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

·         Caller recognition service – Allows you to identify the customer

          by the incoming phone number or by asking the customer to

          enter the registered phone number via key pad (if that phone #

          is already a part of the customer/contact person profile)

·         Performs the CRM database search based on the customer id

·         Allows you to provide voice menus for caller such as press 1 for

          sales and press 2 for service etc…

·         Voice self-service – Allows caller to do such things as check

          their account balance via phone banking

·         Info and off-hour services will allow you to play service

          interruption messages to customers when dialing in

In-bound contact center

·         Intelligent routing that increases first call resolution

·         Routs calls to an appropriate agent based on skillset required

          and agent availability (Ex: to resolve the customer problem

          based on requested service type during IVR process)

·         Provides special call handling tools such as recording the

          conference, call back etc…

·         Provides core call handling tools such as answer, hold, transfer,

          consult, and hang-up

Click to dial and dialer for outbound calls

·         Quickly dial the  customer or prospect by clicking the phone

          hyper link in the customer record without the need of entering 

          the number in the dial pad

·         Utilize the dialer to make an outbound call

Supervisor and manager tools

·         Powerful coach and control tools for contact center managers

          and supervisors

·         Supervisor tools are embedded in the softphone

·         Enables supervisors or managers to control agent queues,

          listen to agent calls, coach agents, barge in, intercept calls,

          hang up calls, record calls, activate callbacks and a variety of

          other administrative functions

Operations and system management

·         Location independent browser based contact center tool

·         Manage users and user groups

·         Queue routing rules

·         Mass update tools to update multiple users at one time

Monitoring and reporting

·         Online monitoring tools provides real time statistics on the

          given business day and at the given time

·         Queue specific statistics

·         Define thresholds and set alarms

·         Compare statistics such as “this week” vs. “last week” or

          “today” vs. “yesterday”

·         View agent statistics such as average handling time (AHT)

·         Monitor call statistics such as abandoned calls, terminated

          calls, etc.

SAP BCM’s seamless integration with SAP CRM creates a comprehensive solution that empowers your service agents and managers.  Through this integration, you will be able to utilize existing data within the CRM system to complement the agent and manger tools in BCM.  

·         Single user interface to manage incoming customer

          interactions such as phone calls and emails

·         Integrated BCM soft phone

·         Quickly identify available subject matter experts (SME) and

          transfer the call

So what does all this mean for your business?  These tools can have an immediate impact on your bottom line and your ability to deliver quality customer service.    

·         Improve customer satisfaction – agent has 360 degree view of

          the customer with multiple channels of contacts

·         Reduce costs – both infrastructure and transmission

·         Streamline resources – provision agents where and when


·         Increase sales – quality customer service results in repeat

          business and referrals

·         Quickly realize ROI with a fast deployment timeline of 5 to 8


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