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Oh the places we go: SAP Mentors at DKOM

It is late and I should be in bed already, but I am super excited that 34 SAP Mentors will be part of the otherwise internal only SAP Developer Kick-Off Meeting (DKOM) 

It all started with me posting on our internal portal my feedback about last year’s DKOM. 

We had a panel where customers were talking about their experience using SAP software. I felt they were way to kind to us and on a too general level to really make a difference with the SAP developers. My recommendation was: 

Let’s open up more. The SAP Mentors tell me over and over, that  they are interested in the success of SAP. Why not bring them as the  experts from the field that not only give us a couple of sound bites  from a panel, but be in the sessions and tell us what is really going on in their area of expertise.

When Sinead Kaiya took on the organization of DKOM 2011 she stumbled over my rant and I am really grateful that she picked up my suggestion, got the executives to agree and was in general really supportive of us. 

In addition to DKOM some of the mentors were also part of the InnoJam happening the last two days too. I bumped into an SAP colleague of mine this morning and I ask him how he liked InoJam so far and he said: “It is really cool that they brought in customers and partners. That connection is endlessly valuable.” That made my day. 

This is why I am so excited that 34 SAP Mentors worldwide will be part of DKOM starting right now in Mannheim. 

If you are at DKOM the SAP Mentors are easy to spot wearing blue shirts with numbers and often their twitter handle on the back. 

Don’t be shy. Get to know them, collaborate, they are here to keep us on track and really happy to engage. 

They don’t know all the answers, but they often know whom to ask. The icing on the cake is, we mentors are great to hang out with, as Bjoern Goerke famously said after the 3rd SAP Mentor meeting/webinar: You mentors always seem to have fun. Join us. 

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  • Hello Mark

    I’m convinced that honest feedback really matters and I think it’s a good idea to include SAP Mentors in such a meeting as they do have an opinion and are not afraid to speak up what is really on their mind.

    There are lots of possible improvements when I look at the system administration tools so I can imagine the same would be true for other area’s.

    Kind regards


    • I agree, it was a great event, and that picture of Hasso Plattner with the SAP Mentors is all the all-time best SAP Mentor picture, ever.

      I had a super-fantastic time.