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The other side of SAP mobile apps – iPhone prospectives

Since the Sybase acquisition by SAP, everyone has been harping on  about mobile apps – it would be getting a little boring if it wasn’t  exciting.

I have to admit to being quite jealous of all those Sales people and  management types who were getting all their nice wizzey dashboards and  reports on their mobile device. Being a Basis person I thought there  must be tools to help me keep these backend systems up – so I went  looking.

Being an iPhone user I will deal only with iPhone apps right now,  that is not because I am blind to all but Apple – but because I do not  have an Android platform to use, so in the interests of fairness I  encourage Android users to dig into their developer Ecosystem and find  similar tools to give this post some balance 🙂

The tools I found come in several different flavours

1. Information gathering –  iPhone apps which I use to find information on SAP when on the move.

2. VPN technology

  • Junos Pulse – the iPhone app for the Juniper VPN product
  • Cisco VPN – the iPhone has a built in Cisco VPN ability

3. SAP access, Web and WebGui – iPhone apps which I use to provide access to SAP systems or platforms

  • SAPPLAPP – Uses a HTML Gui connection to provide transactional access to the SAP  system – I love this app, it has transformed how I support systems.   Just stick Web Dispatcher in the DMZ and you have access to your full  landscape using something like this

    Using the Web Dispatcher, you can connect to an non-standard port and be  forwarded into the Solution Manager system using the Management VLAN –  from here it’s possible to RFC into all the systems in the landscape. (Screenshot)
  • StreamWorks – Does exactly what it says on the tin, gives you access to SAP  Streamworks. I have personally used this on my last project and found it  to be very useful, especially when keeping decisions up to date. (Screenshot)

4. Alerting – iPhone apps which can be used to monitor alerts coming from the SAP system

  • Redwood Cronacle – Provides access to the CPS system so you can check your scheduled jobs
  • BizBox Direct – A workflow approval system which looks very interesting and useful
  • SAP Request Management System – A remote transport management system which pushes notifications of transport workflow items

5. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Apps – iPhone apps which I use to provide complete management of AWS landscapes and Servers

  • AWS Manager – This is an amazing app, which gives complete access to the EC2 API,  from this app it is possible to create and manage an entire AWS  landscape (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2)
  • Mocha RDP Lite – As most of my demo environments are Windows based, I use this app to connect to the Windows Desktop and manage the server (Screenshot)

These tools have enabled me to do some amazing things, for example I  was able to build an AWS Cloud based SAP system whilst being driven up  the M5 by a colleague – granted the iPhone screen was a little small for  the job but it did work in a pinch. This is not an exhaustive list,  just a selection of the tools I have used directly for SAP, there are  many other useful tools which I use to free me from my desk 🙂

I am always on the look out for new SAP iPhone tools to help ease my  life in SAP, and I want to thank all the great inventive iPhone  developers for making these tools and helping me in my job. If there are  any new tools released or in Beta, tools that you think deserve a  mention or Android tools that need talked about – leave a comment to  discuss.

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  • Hi Chris,

    i like CHMate for converted SAP help chm files and Safari is fine for most webgui tasks. actually, i wanted to know more about your DMZ Web Dispatcher architecture. Your firewall team has approved, i presume.



    • Greg,

      The Web Dispatcher in the DMZ is a common architecture and one I have deployed a couple of times for clients. Using the Web Dispatcher enables the backend system to be obscured from the public view of the Internet but still be accessible from an application point of view


  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for this post, it is great to see others in the ecosystem trying to get the most out of their iPhones..  I should point out that from your screenshot of myHelp, I can see you have an old category. SAP has updated the category in, and your current one will no longer work.  Please open the app and click on the Categories toolbar, and select the latest one which fits your instance best.  I should probably get the app to do this automatically, but I did not expect SAP to rename it’s own categories.  Maybe in a later release 😉