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Widgets that connects public data to your handset

Newspaper for Ipad

Imagine yourself in a casual meeting amongst friends/colleagues discussing about some project undertaken by the current government in power. A discussion like this is always judgmental, where the opinions are based more upon the individual’s political bias than actual facts and figures.

Now let’s say u have a widget in your handset that gives you the breakup of the entire fund utilization for that project in a time graph. And what more- you have data for all such projects undertaken by the ruling as well as the past governments at your finger tips. Now this is what I call empowerment with liquid data- which will help you in decision making in your daily life and keep you ahead.

Now let’s come back to my original concept of PluginDashboard for IPADs-  Control & Clarity of the data coming from XML– flash/ (shockwave) files generated from Xcelsius that connects XML data or through web services.

Couldn’t this be the base for creating a widget for mobile apps?

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