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Mobile Data Entry – Partial Picking from multiple HUs

Recently I re-started working in Warehouse management, unlike interfaces, picking lists and WM Bin status reports, which I did 2 years ago. It’s a RF Mobile data entry program, developed for 16 X 20 Screen (small screen) to fit into hand held RF Guns.


What this program does

  • Pick, partial quantity from a Handling Unit (say source HU), ensure the remaining quantity still exists in the old HU (in Source HU), and old HU remains in warehouse after PGI of outbound delivery.
  • Pick stock from multiple Handling Units, having different batches against ONE line item of outbound delivery. Multiple Line items can be picked against multiple HU’s having multiple batches.
  • Does unpicking, when user decides not to pick the quantity from a specific HU for a specific line item. (Only before confirmation)
  • Pack all Handling Units finally into a new HU, packaging material chosen by user.




  1. User processes the line item of outbound delivery and does partial picking from multiple HU’s with partial / full quantities – Stores the Delivery line item, Source HU, its details (Storage type, storage section, Bin, picked Quantity) in internal table I_HUS.
  2. Once decided to ‘Pack’ – It creates one single TO with all Source Storage Units as the Handling Units.
  3. User can change the packing material for the final HU.
  4. Automaic Confirmation of transfer Order in back ground.


I decided not to explain the screens, its normal module pool programming with standard validations for each data entry and normally customer specific.


Function modules:

  1. TO Creation:                   L_TO_CREATE_DN
  2. TO Packing:                    L_TO_PICKHU_ASSIGN
  3. TO Confirmation:             L_TO_CONFIRM



Finally, L_TO_PICKHU_ASSIGN, when we pack the TO using this FM, it will generate the new (final) HU. The above requirement can be fit into 2 simple screens so that the mobile data entry is simple.


Reference – Mobile Data Entry

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