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Commonly Forgotten Features in SAP Streamwork -Templates

  One of the best features available in SAP Streamwork is the ability to create and use Activity Templates.  Often, many of us create a new activity step by step by adding items and methods one by one.   Many of us too, have probably noticed that many of our activitities contain many of the same added elements.  Templates, provide an excellent cornerstone to build your activities.  By creating your own templates for various activities that are commonly used, you can save time as well as be assured that you are not forgetting certain elements that should be included.

  Creating a template is easy.

  1. Log into your Streamwork account.
  2. Click on either the SAP”StreamWork” logo or the Äctivities” button so that you are seeing the list of all your activities.
  3. On the left menu, click on “Templates”
  4. On the Templates list page,  click  “New Template”
  5. Edit the Title to include a meaningful name,  add a description (optional but well recommended)
  6. Add items that you want included in the template.   Use the Add button or the Tools Catalog as if you were using a regular activity.
  7. When you are completed,  click on the “Close” button.

 When you create a new activity,  your template will be available to use from the Template list on the New Activity page.

 Note also,  that if you are on the template list page  you can also create an activity from the templates listed there as well.

 With a template set for various types of activities you often use,  an activity can be created with all the pre-added items in just a few clicks.  Separate templates for Document Sharing,  Meeting Minutes,  Business Cases are but a few examples.

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