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10 Mar 2011 Postal Bulletin

Today’s PB has just two DMM revisions, both effective April 17, 2011.

The “Carrier Release Endorsements” item should not affect Presort, as it just clarifies that an uninsured parcel or one not requiring a signature may be endorsed “CARRIER — LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE.” It also specifies where this endorsement may be placed.

The other item does apply to Presort, but appears to be at least mostly a repeat of information previously released about a new category of Commercial Plus pricing for First Class Mail parcels, allowing 1C parcels up to 16 oz with some requirements on the mailer (must send a minimum number of pieces of Priority Mail in the year, must pay by permit, etc.). There are also a number of other miscellaneous updates, like elimating the sale of STD mail samped envelopes. Oh, and in the middle of those changes is a change to weight computations for PSVC flats, to match the change previously made for PSVC parcels to round the weight to 2 decimal places instead of 4.

Some other changes appear to be slight corrections to make text consistent now that nonmachinable letters over 3.3 ounces have a nonmachinable letter price instead of using the flat pricing. For example, with my emphasis, the current DMM 401.2.3 includes the text “Mailers must prepare all nonmachinable letters as described in 245.5.0, and pay nonautomation flats prices for pieces over 3.3 ounces.” The revised text changes the ending to say “…and pay nonmachinable letter prices for pieces over 3.3 ounces.”

Now, I wonder if we can count on the text in 401.2.3.1 in this PB really being just a typo – where it says First Class Mail parcels can’t weigh more than 1 ounce? I think we’ll take our chances that “13” was what they meant!

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