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Why Identity Management is one of the Crucial Pillars for SAP?

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SAP has recently announced a three pillar strategy for addressing customer needs. On Premise, On Demand and On Device. Users of SAP systems in the future will expect a seamless experience across whichever user interface (mobile device, web browser, desktop interface) they choose and irrespective of which back end framework (on premise, on demand, public web, private cloud) is serving their business solution need.

SAP has also told the market that orchestration is the key to achieving this seamless interaction for the end user and this is the inspiration for the article.

Identity management is the front end of the orchestration framework as it directly deals with user provisioning. Users maintain their central identity for access to SAP systems via this framework and potentially this framework could issue relevant certificates to all the interfaces that the customer uses to access the SAP system, be it device based, browser based or desktop interface based access to SAP systems.

The identity management framework can be extended to cover access to solution offerings articulated by partners on the SAP backend and hence further extend the footprint of the offering among SAP users. This central framework could be leveraged to offer access to relevant public websites that have affiliations with SAP and people do not need to maintain multiple profiles across the web and their SAP managed identify and profile becomes their gateway to a lot of content on the web.

If SAP is to get to a billion users that are affected on a daily basis by an SAP solution offering then providing for an identity management infrastructure will help as one of the offerings that allows multitudes of people to get easier access to SAP partnered/provisioned solutions on the web.

Here is hoping that SAP takes massive strides in this space and becomes a global player in Identity Management as defined in the connected world that we live in today where a lot of web based offerings are trying to provide a seamless experience across different user interfaces be it mobile, web or desktop.

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