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Technology Strategy at SAP Part 1 and 2

Kaj van de Loo, SVP at SAP and responsible for Technolog Strategy, repeats his marvelous speach he gave at TechEd InnovationWeekend (now SAP InnoJam) 2010 keynotes. Rui Nogueira, our Code Exchange specialist and Technology Consultant at SAP, had the great chance to talk to Kaj and teased out SAP’s technology strategy.

Check out part 1…



and part 2 of his presentation and see Kaj in action!



For more information please Check out our technology innovation homepage.

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  • Hi!

    Looking at all this new stuff I sometimes wonder if SAP is aware of the fact that the speed which it pushes innovations and products leaves many of its customers and their needs alone.

    I’ ve seen SAP basis teams still (after 5 years) struggling with java-based products (portal, nwdi) and development teams lacking ressources on that area.

    Talking to functional consultants I often hear that SAP ERP functionalities have to be either heavily modified/enhanced or copied in order to fulfill basic business requirements.

    Not to talk of those many technologies SAP brought into play in the last years, which were presented on some slides, then pushed from sales and technology guys and finally have been scrubbed again due to lacking adoption by customers.

    Many customers are still not really convinced of all these new Solution Manager-benefits. Who is using all these checks and support offerings to an extent where the increased maintenance fee would pay off? Who has managed to build automated, centrally maintained test scenarios with SAP tools?

    From my (personal) point of view I would recommend SAP to not push new technologies on and on and not to send their sales force with every innovation to all its helpless customers, but improve the quality of their core offerings in ERP, CRM a.s.o. first.

    Just my 2 cents!