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This time around Craig and Sami were joined by Bryan Whitmarsh to talk about SUP and HTML5 development.


Season 1, Episode 3 – “SUP and HTML5”


The main questions picked as we recorded the podcast were:


  • Can NetWeaver Mobile and SUP handle device agnostic HTML5 applications.

Bryan recommends the following videos for more information:

This video demonstrates how SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) can be used to generate a Workflow application for a mobile device without requiring any programming (iPhone shown). The consumption of a simple weather web service is used in this demo as a Proof of Concept.

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  1. Former Member
    Thanks guys for putting this together.  This is the kind of quick mobile app that gets the gears turning our collective minds. 

    I wonder at what point the HTML5 database schema will replace the need for SQLAnywhere kinds of databases on mobile clients?

  2. W. Snoep
    Craig/ Bryan,

    Great work, very nice summary of mobile workflow and templating for iphone.
    I do wonder indeed as well when HTML5 templating support is planned for SUP?

    Any thoughts?



  3. Former Member
    Hi, great video tutorials about the workflow! My question to it is:
    – Can the same be developed in an SUP / Unwired Workspace installation 1.5.3 ?
    – For my understanding so far it was necessary to make a code generation for objectiveC to create iOS appz. Through the use of mobile workflow this step can really be skipped? Or do i need any other prerequesites?

    Thanks for you info
    Regards Andreas  

  4. Former Member
    Is it me… or is this Sybase unwired platform EXTREMELY complicated?  I mean, in order to do something as basic as that we’d have to go through all these steps?  Why wouldn’t I just code in HTML5 using open source UI frameworks thereby fully controlling the UI and still maintaining cross platform support.  If you ask me, this will be a VERY tough sell for SAP.

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