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The wisest mind has something yet to learn

This weblog begins in a Cab on the way to the Sydney airport following the three day SAP Australia User Group (SAUG) Summit  at Darling Harbour last August. Earlier that afternoon, I shared the stage with fellow Mentor Paul Hawking for the Blogging keynote where we spoke about industry trends and the shortage of trained consultants in Australia.


As we chatted in the Cab, Paul told me how much potential SAP talent comes though the Victoria University each semester. He told me how so many students whom he Lectures at the University look forward to the SAP electives. In particular we spoke at length about the practical skills picked up by the students who complete the 21 units contained in theSAP EDUCATION HOT TOPIC: Are You Looking to Become SAP Certified and Not Sure Which Exam to Take?  Try C_TERP10_60…. By the time the Cab pulled in at the airport, I had agreed to run a NetWeaver Administration course for the Masters students at the Victoria University in 2011.  


Fast forward to last Wednesday, when I conducted the first of 10 lessons to a classroom of around 30. During the 15 minutes of introductions at the beginning of the lesson, I was pleasantly surprised with the variety and depth of IT skills in the room. Over the next 3 months, I will share my knowledge and industry experience to help prepare the students for a rewarding career using SAP Technology. The outline of course BCO6181 – Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Administration is as follows:-


  • SAP History (Company and Products)
  • SAP Sources of information (SCN, Service Marketplace, RKT, EGI,
  • SAP Social Identity and the Ecosystem (LinkedIn, Twitter, SAUG, ASUG, SCN)
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.02 Trial Version (download and install on VM Player instance)
  • SAP NetWeaver Administration exercises (daily, weekly and monthly Basis Administration)



















The BCO6181 Class


Please look out for the upcoming SDN Weblogs I will ask the students to submit over the coming weeks. Some encouraging words are sure to cause a ripple, and several ripples may form a wave. During the last lesson of the semester in June, I will invite several industry contacts to meet the students. Please contact me if you are interested in meeting up with some future SCN thought leaders in the making, or if you would like more information about SAP Program at the Victoria University.


To borrow and improve a pearl of wisdom from George Bernard Shaw:

“Those who can, do. Those who really can, teach. Those who can teach, will inspire the next generation to think.”

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  • Hi Tony,
      Efforts like these may seem a bit threatening.  After all, these young enthusiastic workers are coming after our jobs….
    Seriously, though, its good to see the pool of SAP knowledge expanding; Of course, its good for SAP, but the more people that are familiar with SAP and its (sometimes unique) language the better for us.  Apart from that, the extra energy generated in our ecosystem by these people can only be a good thing !!!

    Congratulations to both you and Paul on implementing an excellent idea, and I know you both will have have much success with it.

  • I sat in on Tony’s first class to make sure there were minimal problems. From the very start Tony had the students captivated with his knowledge. Tony went around the room and asked the students about their expectations and background.  A few of the students had indicated that they had strong a functional background and selected the class because it fitted their timetable.  After Tony’s introduction they indicated that even though they might find it hard they intended to stay in the class because of what they are going to learn.

    Well done