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Creating Hyperlink in SUP

<body><p>Creating Blackberry Application in Sybase Unwired Workspace makes it really simple to Navigate to another Screen. However, navigation to a Web URL is a little tedious process that we shall discuss here.</p><p>1.       Go to mobile Development Perspective</p><p>2.       Create a new Mobile Application Project called NavigationApp.</p><p>3.       Right click on the Project and choose New -> Device Application Designer</p><p> <img  />//|height=188|alt=Device Application Designer|width=434|src=!</p><p>4.       Name the file, NavigationApp.bob and choose the Platform device as Blackberry 9530</p><p>5.       Click Start to start editing the Application.</p><p> <img  />//|height=317|alt=Edit the Application|width=246|src=!</p><p>6.       Drag and drop an empty screen and name it SAP Links.</p><p>7.       Double click the screen to edit it.</p><p>8.       Create a screen as shown below:</p><p> <img  />//|height=157|alt=Screen|width=253|src=! </p><table border=”1″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″><tbody><tr><td width=”85″><p>1.</p></td><td width=”308″ valign=”top”><p>SDN</p></td><td width=”197″ valign=”top”><p>[ |]</p></td></tr><tr><td width=”85″><p>2.</p></td><td width=”308″ valign=”top”><p>SAP Education</p></td><td width=”197″ valign=”top”><p>[ |]</p></td></tr><tr><td width=”85″><p>3.</p></td><td width=”308″ valign=”top”><p>SAP Service Marketplace</p></td><td width=”197″ valign=”top”><p>[ |]</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p>9.       Create a new Java Project “MyBBCustomCode”</p><p> <img  />//|height=370|alt=Java Project|width=385|src=!</p><p> 10.   Ensure that you are in the Mobile Development Perspective. Select Navigation.bob file and double click on the screen titled “SAP Links”. Select the hyperlink for SDN.</p><p>11.   Click on the Action Tab and click the arrow adjacent the Next button to choose “Blackberry Custom Code”</p><p><img  />//|height=345|alt=Add Custom Code|width=470|src=!</p><p>12.   Select Create New Action Class from the popup and create a new Action class, HyperLinkAction.</p><p> <img  />//|height=357|alt=Create Action Class|width=336|src=!</p><p>13.   Click Finish.</p><p>14.   Click OK to select the newly created Action class for Custom Action.</p><p>15.   Remove any build errors from MyBBCustomCode and NavigationApp projects.</p><p>16.   Save the NavigationApp.bob file</p><p>17.   Right click on the bob file to “Generate the Device Application and copy to the Simulator.”</p><p> <img  />//|height=423|alt=Generate Device Application|width=455|src=!</p><p>18.   Click Next</p><p>19.   Select the option to Deploy Blackberry Application, and to open the Generated folder (from the Advanced option)</p><p> <img  />//|height=332|alt=Generate Application Wizard|width=406|src=!</p><p>20.   Click Finish.</p><p>21.   From the folder that opens, navigate to folder generated\com\sybase\uep\bobclient\custom</p><p> <img  />//|alt=|src=!\ .metadata\.plugins\com.sybase.uep.bob.rim\” width=”426″ height=”457″ /></p><p>22.   In the SUP Workbench, add NavigationApp.jar to the build path of MyBBCustomCode project. NavigationApp.jar can be located at</p><p><supWorkspace>\ .metadata\.plugins\com.sybase.uep.bob.rim\NavigationApp.bob</p><p>23.   Add the following code to the run method of HyperLinkAction</p><p> <img  />//|height=114|alt=code|width=624|src=! </p><p>24.   Verify the screen name from class open in Step 21.</p><p>25.   Assign the same Action class to other Hyperlinks in the SAP Links screen.</p><p>26.   Right click on the bob file to goto Generate Blackberry Application Wizard</p><p> <img  />//|height=490|alt=Generate Application Wizard|width=489|src=!</p><p>27.   Start the NavigationApp from Blackberry</p><p> <img  /></body>

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