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Podcast With No Name (yet) – a chat amongst SAP peers

Some of you might remember the SAP TechEd Conversations – 2010 Wrap-up that Anne (@yojibee), Matthias (@steinermatt), Oliver (@oliver), Sergio (@sergioferrari) and myself (@pixelbase) recorded. Since all of us enjoyed the chilled and relaxed atmosphere of our chat, we decided back in January to aim for a series of repeat performances.

No Name?

We haven’t decided on a name yet, so opted to „crowdsource“ it to you, our audience. Please send or tweet us (see names and handles above) your suggestions! You can also use the comments below to post suggestions.


So there you have it: Here is the download link to our first recorded Skype chat. (about 50 mins)


We enjoyed doing it – let’s hope you enjoy listening to it, too. Not all of it is SAP related (see shownotes), but that’s what chats are like sometimes.



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  • hi Michael,
      We tend to get flooded with the US tech, US views, and US perspective on things, so its nice to get a european perspective / view etc.  A typical example is the Nokia discussion – They’re seen as a non-entity in the US, because of their market share there, and so the only stuff we heard in the last year was the MS takeover.

    PS Looking forward to meeting you in Sydney, Anne 🙂

    PPS Mixing up the initials from your twitter ids, I get P O S S Y (hence the title of this comment)

  • Guys you rock!
    I really like listen to European SAP Mentors giving they opinions and sensations on mobile world.

    Keep carry on guys we need these kind of discussions.

    I give my 2 cents for POSSY! Now you need an original intro jingle.