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Kiss of Death for DRQ?

The good old development request  is gone. There is no web formular to submit development requests in any more. But it’s not a Kiss of death, it’s a kiss of life. SAP opened itself and introduced new channels for customer feedback, for example Customer Engagement Initiative, Lean Partner Initiative and SAP Idea Place. Furthermore SAP holds the contact to its customers in user groups like ASUG or its german chapter DSAG.

In my opinion these opportunities are much better than DRQ because they customers and partners to get in close contact with SAP to discuss requirements in much more detail which allow to bring requirements and product strategy together.  This is much better than the old development request.

But what’s the problem? SAP customers and partners have to learn how to use the new channels. Let me give an example: What happens if a customer desperately needs a small change within SAP standard like a new Business AddIn? So what to do?  Idea Place as well as Customer Engagement Initiative is not appropriate but probably a user group can help. So you need to engage in user groups and need to know the right people to discuss new product feature request.

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  • Hi Tobias,

    thank you for bringing up this topic. I want to contribute that the Customer Engagement Initiative works. I’m engaged in the DSAG Sales & Marketing working group (DSAG Members Only Link). Luckily this group was chosen to take part in the first pilot for the Customer Engagement Initiative.

    End of November a lot of so called “Antrag auf Produktabrundung” which I would translate as “Request for product fine tuning” where posted in the working groups forum. These kind of requests are intended to provide better functionality already in current releases which are provided as SAP Notes. The work group members where ask to raise their voice if they want this functionality and also are willing to implement it as soon as it’s available. For every request at least 5 customers must show interest to qualify. After that qualification phase the requests where forwarded to SAP.

    Already in end of December for some topics SAP reached out to the interested customers and involved them in the detailed design definition. End of January there was a call with the SAP Product Management to get the current status. The requests where divided in two phases and for the first half development already was started.

    I can’t provide any further details yet but at least one Note that was already published: 1554307 – GoTo Menu on overview pages. This note is a backport of a CRM 7.0 EhP 1 functionality to CRM 7.0 and even CRM 2007. Other improvements are already developed for the CRM WebUI Framework but now must be adopted from the different CRM Application Teams. Lets hope for other Notes to come ASAP.

    So if you’re not already engaging in your local SAP User Group it’s a good time to start doing that now.

    Best regards

    • Hi Gregor,

      thanks for your feedback. I made very positive experience with CEI, too. IMHO bringing new features requests to the product backlog is easy if CEI is in early stages of product development. But what is your experience with “small” requirements that have a great effect like a new BAdI? How are these requests handled in user groups?


      • Hi Tobias,

        currently there wasn’t a request for a new BAdI. The main focus of the first round where usability improvements.

        Best regards

  • Hi Tobias,
    as AOK Systems GmbH is a member of DSAG e.V. you are free to ask for a user without additional costs.
    We would be glad to welcome you also in our german-speaking community 😉

    c u there

    • Hi Marc,

      I was already active in DSAG: I gave a lecture in Techologie Darmstadt some time ago. But I’m sure that I’ll be more active in future. In fact I’m already looking forward to it.

      Best regards,