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Step By Step : B2B IDOC to EDI File scenario

In this blog I have gathered all the steps required for B2B scenario involving SAP R/3 sending IDOC to PI and PI sending EDI file to partner.

In SAP R/3 sender system perform following ALE settings :

  1. Create RFC destination : Create RFC destination for PI system using transaction SM59 under ABAP Connections
  2. Create Port : Create a pot for XI system using we21. Give RFC destination you have created in step1 in the port
  3. Create partner profile : Create Partner profile using transaction we20 . As this is B2B scenario your partner would be of type KU( Customer) / LI (Vendor)

In SAP PI system

a.     Maintain a port for sender R/3 system using transaction idx1

b.     Maintain a metadata for outbound IDOC using transaction idx2

C.    Now go in Integration Repository

  • EDI file has a specific format and standard EDI xsd files are available in the market which we need to import in PI. Thus depending upon the type of message that you are sending to your partner (e.g. orders , invoice , customer etc.) corresponding EDI xsd file needs to be downloaded from net  or you would get it from your partner..
  • Import this EDI xsd file in external definition.
  • As IDOC would work as interface there is no need to create outbound interface . Thus we will only create inbound interface.
  • Create IDOC to EDI XML  message mapping
  • Create corresponding interface mapping

d.     Now go in Integration Directory

Main part in this scenario  is ID configurations.

As this is B2B scenario we need to create two parties :

    1. Sender party
    2. Receiver party

For both the parties you need to maintain the identifiers for each other. Now let’s take an example to see how to maintain identifiers and in B2B scenario how these would be used.

    1. ABC is sender party, sending orders IDOC to PI.
    2. XYZ is a receiving party receiving Orders EDI file from PI. Partner XYZ is of type “Customer “ for party ABC.

!|height=226|style=vertical-align: middle; border: 1px solid black;|alt=Party ABC|width=623|src=!

+ </p><p> </p><p>!|height=203|style=vertical-align: middle; border: 1px solid black;|alt=Party XYZ|width=627|src=!</p><p>

Let’s see the EDIDC segment of IDOC sent by sender R/3 system of Party ABC

EDIDC Segment+

Note : all the values from the above payload are imaginary.For more details on Seeburger adapter visit : Seeburger – Part 1 – The Basics

And here finishes your B2B scenario from IDOC to EDI File….

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