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SAP web services developer licensing discussion

There was an epic discussion on Twitter last Friday about licensing around SAP’s web services. Or as @qmacro called it, a “licensing thread of death.” These are my thoughts and concerns, hopefully a little more clearly than on Twitter. Links to relevant resources are below.

Disclaimer: I do not speak for SAP and I am not a lawyer. These thoughts are beliefs I have developed through talking with people at SAP and in the community and through carefully reading the publicly available licenses and terms of use documents linked below.

Oh yeah, and I had a cold (all better now). Sorry about any sniffling that may have made it into the video.

SAP web services licensing from Ethan Jewett on Vimeo.


Links to resources discussed in the video blog:


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  • Ethan,

    i must have caught cold from watching the video, but seriously, you are raising very valid points, but i don’t expect SAP jumping on open source with ES any time soon, there is simply too much data locked in the current implementations to simply open it up for any consuming device out there. i have been surprised (maybe it’s just an omission), but couldn’t find any references to finance in the “simple samples” section. i had to shorten the url as it’s a bit long: simple samples. did i violate any IP doing that?

    @greg_not_so (no tweet)

  • HI Ethan,
    I would assume that consuming services for SAP customers would be for free. However there might be several obstacles if you are company trying to develop sth based on ESR or anything that access SAP backends.
    Anyway more clarity would be beneficial for all parties here. Hope people from SAP’s SCN team were watching as well and they bring topic coming from community to respective departments in SAP.
    Cheers, Martin