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Validate Bex variable values


Bex variables, and especially values validations at I_STEP=3, are widely used in BW/IP projects. I_STEP=3 section is used for validations of an entered values of a variable according to business rules. In many projects there are thousands of ABAP code lines used for such validations. De facto, if you need to change some validation rule for a variable, it requires transporting whole code and may lead to incompatible results (for example carrying incomplete developments that belongs to somebody else etc.).


I would like to suggest the way that may reduce changes in ABAP code by using generic code with validation rules table.


Example: you have 2 info objects, let’s say ZIO_1 and ZIO_2, with values VAL01 to VAL20 and AA01 to AA20 accordingly.

According to some business requirements, for one query allowed values are VAL01 to VAL05 for ZIO_1 and for other query allowed values are AA10 to AA15 for ZIO_2.

Course, it is possible to restrict required values in Bex Query Designer for F4 selection, but it doesn’t avoid entering manually another “incorrect” value, let’s say VAL06 for ZIO_1.

We defined some Z table (let’s say Z_VALIDATIONS) with following stricture:

Then we entered the next values in this table.

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