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Change Recording? For the SAP NetWeaver Portal?

Change Recording may sound familiar to those of you who are doing development in ABAP. Also when working with Java in the Developer Studio, changes are recorded in activities. But what about Portal content developers? Change Recording may sound like a dream. Looks like Portal content developers need a well-working brain – they have to remember the objects that they touched and then add them to a transport package if the changes should be moved to another system.

But how about this: changes are recorded while working with them and the only thing that you have to do after having finished your changes is to activate a changelist and release it to a transport request in CTS+.

Sounds like telling fairy tales? No. It’s reality. Starting with SAP NetWeaver 7.3, there is a new functionality called Change Recording. The picture below shows how it works.

Change Recording Process

Whenever a user (a Portal content developer) creates objects or changes them, the objects become part of a so-called changelist. When activating a changelist, an epa-file which contains all the objects that were collected in the changelist, is automatically created. And when releasing the changelist, the epa-file is attached to a transport request in CTS+. What else do you need? Well… someone who executes the import into the test or productive system in CTS 😉

And another thing which may sound like a fairy tale: deletions are recorded as well. So if you have to delete an object, there is no need any more to do the deletion on your development, test and productive system. Simply record the deletion and transport it by the help of CTS+.

Note that Change Recording is available for Portal content only. KM is not supported.

Curious to learn more?

A video shows Change Recordin in use (turn on your speakers)

Take a look at the SAP Help Portal at

A guide providing more information on configuring and using Change Recording is available on SDN.

Change Recording Process
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  • What a great addition. I am definitely going to add this feature as a major selling point for upgrading to NetWeaver Portal 7.3. Portal change management is a real pain at several customers.
    • "major selling point"
      As this is a administrator feature only it's hard to sell to management that has to deliver benefits to end-users. The major selling points for Portal 7.3 for me are WPC, AFP & performance

      As the change recording will ease the work of administrators and surely will make transport more transparent (no more wrong transports because of "resolve dependencies"?) and it can be sold as an additional feature and reason to upgrade.


      • Tobias,

        I think you can persuade managers who have decision authority whether or not to upgrade their Portal by mentioning the new change recording functionality of NW Portal 7.3.

        It has several benefits:

        * easier change & release management (in line with ABAP for instance).
        * lower administration costs (because of the fact that full administration of changes can be done within the Portal, no extra import/export activities for instance)
        * less productive errors due to wrong transports imported by mistake
        * reporting possibilities on the number of changes and number of deleted content (?)

        My experience is that system owners really have the desire to know what is happening in their systems. This helps, or at least gives them the idea that they are in better control.


        • Jan,

          it's a feature for administrators that will ease the pain associated with portal transports, but the points you raise are already achievable today with CTS+, documented transports (SolMan) and governance. It's a selling point for the internal IT and an extra feature when selling it to system owner, but a major selling point for upgrading to Portal 7.3?

          br, Tobias

  • This really is great! CTS+ really gets much better each time. Being able to transport epa files via the ABAP transports already helped a lot of customters. But being able to even use change recording only makes it better!
  • Hi,

    Have you really tried with delete of conents which gets recorded and then delete the objects from the target system?

    Is it working?

    I did try and looks like it did not delete the conents from the target system. Do we need to do something extra?