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Regardless of what programming language they use, all developers should be interested in improving the quality of their code.  There are a variety of tools available to perform code analysis – Sonar is one such tool.

Sonar is an open source platform that enables you to analyze your code quality. The tool has a variety of plug-ins already available including Java (which is build-in), Groovy, PHP, etc.  

I first saw the tool after discovering it at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) where there is a Sonar site for Apache projects.

I thought it was an amazing community project and was surprised to see that the project was looking to build an ABAP plugin.

I think it would be awesome if the SCN Community could support this effort – it might do much to improve the quality of ABAP code.

Now, I have no idea what coding rules / conventions exist in the ABAP world or how Sonar could tap into the ABAP code repositories but I’m confident that the ABAP community could provide this information.

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  1. Peter Inotai
    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for sharing this tool.
    Currently working in the SAPGUI/SE80 area I just prefer the Code Inspector framework for checking the code quality. It already delivers tons of checks by standard, plus you have the possibility to add your own. Somehow that one fits better to the currently used development environment.
    However when Eclipse for ABAP will be available (hopefully soon), probable this Sonar framework will fit better to that environment.
    I’m looking forward what will happen to this project.
  2. Former Member
    Version 1.0.1 of the Sonar ABAP plugin was  released on August 28, 2011.  I can’t figure out how it works though.  I’ve got it installed I think, but I can’t figure out how to create a project and connect to SAP to analyse the ABAP code base.  If anyone has any insight please respond with a comment.

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