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There are major changes when BW 3.5 is upgraded with BI 7.0. Such as Transfer rules and update rules are changed as transformations. And DTPs are introduced for data loading.

But there are no such major changes compared to the newer upgrade (BI 7.0 to 7.3) compared to earlier upgrade. But there are some very interesting changes included in BI 7.3 for Business Intelligence users and Developers.

RSA1 Modelling

Below are the new features/tabs added in RSA1->Modelling

  • Data flows
  • Planning sequence
  • Process Chains

Data Flows

Data Flows:

->From the data flows tab/option we can copy the existing flow to a new data flow as per the requirement, this can be useful for doing the physical partition of a data flow.

For Ex:- There are different data flows for each year and the same flow is to be created as a new flow with reference to existing flow, there we can use this option.

->Same data flow for process chain can be copied for creating new process chain which automatically generates for the given inputs.

->If there is a 3.X data flow which should be migrated to 7.X, then it can be copied as a new project in the migration tool (available from 7.3) and use the 3.X data flow in it, and then it will migrate the same to 7.X objects.


Planning Sequence:

Will contain all the planning objects used or created, Same as RSPLAN.

ABAP based planning modeler is used to customize the planning objects and related BW objects.

Process Chains:

When you use the RSPC t-code, it will directly take you to this screen (RSA1->Modelling->Process chains)

In RSPCM, the monitoring of the data loads are more user friendly such that it will display the load details step by step, reason for failure of the load and steps to be taken when the load gets failed.

Other Important features:

-> Data Store Objects has features such as Re-modeling and  time based Par titions

-> More enhanced archiving method using nearline storage

-> Introduction of Hybrid Infoproviders which has the combination of real-time infoprovider (DSO can be used) and Infocube(mass data)

->Has new source system Data services used for Business Objects, also contains SAP Business Objects Metadata management XI 3.1

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  1. Former Member
    Thanks for informations.

    What we steel waiting:
    1. Input-ready queries on DSO – (must have)
    2. Very Long texts for characteristic, e.g. 120 or 255.
    3. Info-Cube range partintions on any chars(like 0calday or plant, or comp_code)
    4. Copy data from non-*** cubes wia transformations.
    5. Init non-*** cubes from other sources (DataSource, ODS, Cubes) – now only from files.
    6. more parallelization options (DB, ABAP) on typical BW operations.
    7. More flexible PSA partitioning.
    8. SAP IP planning workflow.

    1. Witalij Rudnicki
      Priviet, Mikhail. Have you ever participated in any customer’s feedback session for SAP and have shared these poins already?
      Otherwise we will need to seek some other way to convey those to BW product or solution management.
      Cheers. =Vitaliy
      1. Former Member
        Den dobryi (Good day). Nice to hear you.
        Unfortuanly, never.

        > Otherwise we will need to seek some other way to convey those to BW product or solution management.

        Ok, i’l try – on 🙂
        Every one, who loves BW please feel free to join and vote.


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