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Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch

A SAP River Video Dare

In a recent Guerrilla Tactics for SAP’s OnDemand ‘Go to Market’ Strategyabout Guerrilla Tactics for SAP’s OnDemand ‘Go to Market’ Strategy, I suggested various ideas to get the developer community excited about these new developments.

One suggestion concerned SAP “Project River” – how does it compare to xyz?:

Suggestion 5:  Place all the River videos on YouTube

Currently, the majority of River instructional videos are either restricted to developers who have been lucky enough to get access to the preview environment or have joined the CodeX River Sample applications project.

Create a SAPRiver YouTube channel and make all these videos publicly available. Continue to create new videos and solicit videos from other River developers / users.

There was some humorous discussion on Twitter from the SAP River team about publishing videos on YouTube, so I decided to start this video dare.

I’m daring the SAP River team and other current users of the preview environment to create videos of their own and post them on YouTube  The goal is that developers involved in initial tests can pick up momentum and discover new functionality more rapidly.

I’ve create a wiki page where users can post their videos.

Note: Now some readers may be thinking, why am I investing so much time recording these videos when the platform is definitely going to evolve and the UI / offered functionality may be totally different in the future.  Those currently lucky enough to have access to the preview environment can get up to speed faster if they don’t have to learn everything on their own.  I created my videos in anticipation of the other videos that will also emerge as a result of the dare. They’ll hopefully allow me to learn about features from SAPRiver that I haven’t discovered yet. 

The Videos

How do I create a logs in CodeBox Actions?

How do I delete applications?

How do I use versions?

How do I export applications?

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Dick,

      Great video tutorials, SAPRiver beginners will love it. Thanks a lot!

      Question to community: Do you agree with Dick that we should make video tutorials available, even for those who cannot yet go to a system an try the stuff they see?

      And finally, one remark to the "manage versions" video: "Promote to production" does not copy the application anywhere. River allows you to have one production version (which is used by the end-users) and any number of development versions of the same application. And of course you can also have dev, test and prod accounts and transport your applications between these...


      Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch
      Richard Hirsch
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for clearing up the "Promote to production" functionality, I didn't find a description any where so I guessed what it meant.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Dear Richard,
                   I want to thank for your dare and efforts you made to make this blog.

      This blog is going to be a gud stuff for the new bees like me.... SAP COMMUNITY need people like U....

      Keep posting....

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Juergen

      I'm looking at this beyond SAPRiver.

      SAP wants more open communication and more customer involvement. Sharing knowledge videos even during early phases of a product cycle is a good opportunity. It's a good way to get feedback early on.

      There is already a degree of knowledge sharing up front since you can see preview videos / demos at TechED and in TechED replays on SDN but in my opinion more content is welcome.

      For example for a pilot programs like the implementation of SAPJVM 4.1. A lot of customers pilot it already and it's in use at SAP internally. Video content of the new tools (how-to's) for profiling for example would be a great initiative.

      Kind regards