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Formed in 1809, Australia Post is Australia’s national postal service and the country’s largest and most diverse retailer with 4,500 outlets.  When the company realized its traditional markets were in steep decline, it embarked on a significant business transformation project with SAP Application Lifecycle Management as a key enabler.  In this exclusive video, Phil Gleadhill, principal SAP technical architect at Australia Post outlines his company’s IT strategy and touches upon the importance of SAP Community Network and  the SAP Mentor Initiative.


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    1. Tom Cenens
      Hello Bob

      Firewall or security settings can block the video from being displayed, like it’s the case for me at this moment because I’m working on customer laptop.

      I will surely check this video later on, on my own laptop.

      Kind regards


  1. Bala Prabahar
    This is an excellent example of what we can do with the existing technologies. I like this blog because Australia Post viewed “the glass is half full” and moved on implementing SolMan. I believe in “A bird in hand is better than two in bush”. Regardless of  what innovation/technologies we discuss, the glass is always going to be only half full. The success or failure of any technology will always depend on our level of desire/determination to make it work.
    Tim and Phil, thanks for this blog.
    1. Former Member
      Post author
      Thanks Bala, couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. It’s a great example of a company sensing and responding to a changing business environment and relying on SAP to make it happen.
  2. Former Member
    I can confirm from my work laptop that I can’t see the video link on the blog either, no matter whether i use IE8 or FF.
    It will be the security settings imposed by the corporate firewall, is my guess.
    Its a bit ironic really, I can’t even see myself in the video while at work. 😉

    Will have to work from home then…

    Cheers, Phil G.


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