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My wishlist to enhance and/or improve the Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS)

The background 

I just was just invited and involved in testing the WB ABAP based Employee Self Services (ESS), in phase 2. I was focusing on the Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) and the Clock In/Out services.

(I’m awaiting the ‘green light’ from the Product Owner to blog and post snapshots about these functionalities, bear with me)

We just wrapped up and exited the final feedback call. The Product owner asked us ‘What about you, what would you suggest to enhance further and/or improve the functionalities?’. I had to chime in ! I have been working with SAP Time Sheet since my begins in 1997, I done multiple implementations, taugh the CA500 standard course so may times and survived the writing of the SAP PRESS Book ‘Integrating CATS’ (2nd edition). I’m far off from being ‘a guru’ as my peers like to say but I somehow understand the functionality.

The Wishlist

I listed my ‘wishlist’ in a mail then realized that we could all benefit from exchanging our views and ideas, besides the official channels for requesting new functionalities. After all the Community voices must be heard ! The blog idea was born.

All of these requests or requests for enhancements might be similar to your wishes. They are listed under ‘my humble opinion’ and do not engage SAP Product team in anyway. I trust this placeholder would be a benefit as we could interact through the Communities. The list is not sorted in a particular order, I just listed the items as they came to my mind.

Enhancements in the backend system

  • a ‘select all’ for fields in transaction code  CAC2 when assigning the fields to the CATS Data Entry Profile. My first request at SAP since early release 3.0 …
  • Free text in rejection, besides standard configured messages in transaction code CAC3
  • Correct backend message ‘X times released’ as we are talking about entries
  • A better sample print program as program RCATSP01 is quite am empty shell nor really ‘reusable’
  • a two steps approval workflow template (perhaps ‘inspired’ by the Manager Self Services and the Personnel Change Requests (PCR) : template task WS50000031 – ProcessPCR_2 : 2 steps Approval : Process change request employee data (2 approval steps)
  • Allow through configuration table the Working hours expected, instead of using the Work Schedule from infotype 0007 (ie staff working in shifts or part timers)
  • Time Leveling program (transaction code CATC) . The text rendered in to the enduser is hard coded, customer are requesting to enable customer text
  • -Create an additional CATS ‘Buffer Infotype’ that could hold all relevant data to be displayed in Worklist so that we could also override the display in Worklist thanks to start and end date, for example in a dedicated HR infotype 0317 ?
  • Provide a report, based on standard BAPI to change CATS record information from A to B when business is wrong or wishes to make correction
  • Dynamic feature for populating DISPTEXT1 and DISPTEXT2 as currently they are mapped and hard coded in user exits for one component only in standard
  • As CATS records are approved in CATS, customer is requesting option to bypass the reception in MM, for the Purchase Orders. In standard it is not possible as SAP claims not standard process, indeed they are two separate roles
  • CATS transfer for HR, (alternative to approval workflow) : option to transfer CATS records in Time Management infotypes in lock mode as HR Business Partner (HRBP) is still validating data in some cases
  • Allow possibility to default more than one PO in infotype 0315 as most provider are working for many project or tasks thus many Purchase Orders

Enhancements in the frontend system

  • Dynamic feature for populating DISPTEXT1 and DISPTEXT2 as currently they are mapped and hard coded in user exits > also applies to WD display
  • In current CATS WD, only daily and weekly is allowed as hardcoded, even if configured otherwise in backend. Not sure next generation is allowing more flexibility, based on backend tcode CAC1 configuration settings > changes in Ehp5 or higher foreseen ?
  • It seems that Ehp5 will re-enable the selection of CATS profile as in standard ITS CATW service. It was not permitted anymore, only passed through user parameter CVR?
  • Eith a customer, we created a CATS pdf dynamic form for collecting time entries. Not only it is user friendly but it also solves the printing requirements > any chance we could have this in standard as well ?
  • A padlock in pdf print file  should be provided so that file is locked for modification and I can pass audit and GRC compliance audits
  • Perhaps also generate a customer QR or bar code (like we have in Material Management) > it will secure this is an official customer document
  • CATS online widget for Helpdesk and people working on multi tasks like we had for the Mini App
  • Are the new CATS online screens in Ehp5 onywards also supporting Concurrent Employment ?
  • Add rule like in Leave Request (Feature WEBMO for displaying the Att/Abs and Wage Type entries in CATS)
  • For disabling attendance and absence types, we have configuration table V_T554S_ESSEX, customer wishes same table for wage types V_T512Z_ESSEX would also be supported in CATS or a similar table be made available
  • Support the search help CATS H_TCATS for only displaying the CATS profiles we have authorization as configured through virtual infotype 0316/0328) 
  • More context help instead of popups in the online screens
  • -Review CATS user exits and extend the online ‘supportability’ as not all of them are allowed online
  • As it seems the Floor Plan Manager (FPM) is not in use anymore for CATS process in Ehp5 (?), add option in personalization to bypass all confirmation on popup screens
  • Add option to display name of the Time Administrator and/or the person who approved the Time Sheet (as retrieved from infotype 0001) in the CATS Header, like same functionality provided in the Leave Request
  • Integrate perhaps the Leave Request (although IMHO a different process) in the CATS
  • – Just like in Leave Request, allow more flexibility for overwriting SAP Standard messages
  • Just like in Leave Request, allow more flexibility for playing with BAdI and calendar colors, not sure last CATS release supports it
  • ESS locking/unlocking pernr should be reviewed and update backend system say after hours or in overnight batch program
  • As we have finally the approval screen in WD now, MSS should also be provided with standard reports (like CATS_DA, CADO or CATC) in WB, not webgui.
  • A CATS Customer Include allows multiple ZZ customer fields but only 10 additional fields are hard coded and provided by SAP. It shoulds be dynamic as many customers could end up with different requirements thus different CATS profiles and different customer fields
  • Anticipate these ZZ customer fields in the respective transfer programs as for the moment, we have no choice but to create a Z program to transfer these customer fields where appropriate
  • What about PDA support (ipads, iphones, BB etc) ?
  • Standalone CATS service like the one we had in ITS CATW, I trust in Ehp5this will be possible to bypass the Portal ?
  • This new CATS UI in Ehp5 will still be supported in MSS correct ? Meaning ESS in MSS ?
  • Any standard functionlity (more ESS related) for allowing Employee Substitution for time registration
  • Anything in the pipeline to allow multiple employees time registration as provided in the backend ? (fyi Time Manager Workplace is not supported in the Portal, only in WebGui mode). After all the Object and Data Provider (OADP) is already provided and supporting MSS employee selection.
  • Like for printing  the Time Statement or the PaySlip, we should reuse the code for selecting the print period : either current period (as per CATS Data Entry Profile) of free selection > set a side service for that as currently printing is available through Time Sheet only ?
  • Any possibility to enter free text for a time entry ie Justify Overtime ? > where would we see it in the field ?
  • Where do we see the rejection reason is manager is rejecting time entries ? When double clicking the time entry from the rejected entry in calendar ?

Well, that’s all I could think of (for the moment).

Cherry on the pie, have you had a look at the consolidated SAP note 1246420 – Composite SAP Note : Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) ?

My five cents, looking forward to your feedback,




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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      From the SAPGui:
      I would like to see on the screen without having to double click on a time line item if I have released my time.  As an employee, I make this mistake all the time.

      I couldn't tell if this was already in your extensive list.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      in CATS we trust 🙂 !
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member are the CATS 'guru' least in my book!
      Excellent write up of missing functionality and hopefully SAP will listen because if they don't then suprise if other companies are getting more of the cake in the HRIS market.

      I am just glad that with the WDA version in EHP5 we have now a lot more flexibility in terms of UI then in the EHP4 version...still requires development but a milestone better then before.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks for your feedback Harald.

      Glad the EP personalization helped you in the current process...

      Yes just tested Ehp5/6, it seems far more up to date than with Java WD... I've taken the pics, will blog about it soon but need to find/take the time first and ask permission from SAP.
      In the meantime, providing feedback on missing or could be 'enhanced' functionalities doesn't hurt ...
      Keep in touch,

      Author's profile photo Suresh Datti
      Suresh Datti
      my 2 cents..
      1. Bi-Weekly option would be a huge bonus.
      2. It is a common requirement to restrict the user from going back & changing time entries beyond a certain pay period. In the current frontend, there are at least three different ways you can scroll & validating all the methods is too much of a hassle. It would be nice to have a Config option to control the scrolling.