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Blagbert Comic #65

If you don’t know the context then here’s a link to some Certification 5 related stuff. 

If you don’t know Blagbert aka Alvaro Tejada Galindo – then you should. Apart from being a brilliant comic, he’s not half bad at doing SAPpy ABAPpy stuff.

Enjoy. Oh – and as a side note – who was it that said doing SAPpy stuff means you have to be serious all the time?

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  1. Former Member
    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

    However, a company I worked for decided to re-title the Store Managers to “Business Unit Managers” to differentiate them from the Warehouse Managers who were also sometimes referred to “stores managers”. It was potentially confusing between “Store Managers” and “Stores Managers”

    Once someone pointed out that all of the Store Managers were now BUMs, they decided to change it back until they thought of a better name!


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