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How-to setup your SAP Business Objects Event Insight
development environment in three easy steps.

We all know the general rule – If you type something twice
you already missed the first chance to write a script for it. The same is true
if you ever tried to create an Event Insight Java project. But of course there
is a workaround that allows you to use the mighty powers of Maven to create a
simple but powerful built environment.

This is a step-by-step guide that leads you to a compiling,
working, and running SAP Business Object Event Producer using the powers of Maven.

Step  1 – Downloads

[ |]

While your download is happening let me give you some
background and pointers: Maven is a build manager for Java projects. Project
descriptions and certain built goals are all described in pom.xml files. Maven
is able to download pre-build components that are referenced in the pom.xml
from external build repositories. In our example we will primarily focus on
local references instead of repository references.

Unzip Maven to a location of your choice: Make sure to
create an environment variable called M2_HOME pointing to your Maven root
location (in my case:


). Also create a variable called


set to


I recommend adding M2 to the PATH as well, once you understand Maven you will
be addicted to it – trust me.

But of course there is more to do:

First of all Maven requires you to have a Java JDK – you

will need to download the Java 1.6 JDK from Oracle (yes folks – SUN was acquired


Also this tutorial focuses on how you can use Maven in Eclipse
to build components for Event Insight – thus you obviously need Eclipse to follow
along. Obviously Maven does not require Eclipse and the pom.xml files will work
without Eclipse – but it is just so much more graphic when using Eclipse.

So let’s download it (I usually go for the

plugin-development version, but since we will be using Maven to built it is not

required): To create a nice and tight integration between Maven and Eclipse

you can pick your favorite from a selection of readily available plugins. My

personal preference lies with the sonatype m2 plugin. Which you can install

from within Eclipse (just follow the instructions published here:

Or if you are more the visual type check out this video and

follow along:

After a restart of Eclipse
you are good to actually get rolling.

*Step 3 – Getting on
the way*

In Eclipse quickly create a new Maven project using the “create-new-project-wizard”.
Make sure you select New -> Project… -> Maven ->Maven Project.
Otherwise you will end up mannualy changing the nature of a project afterwards –
which is possible but can cause surprising side-effects.

The next screen is really confusing – it offers a selection

of templates (archetypes) on how to build certain types Maven project – unfortunately

there is no way for you to find out what each one of these archetypes do – at least

not on the screen – you can either google or bing them one by one or just trust

me on this an d select the archetype “Maven-archetype-quickstart” which creates

an empty Maven configuration (in all honesty – this is the only archetype I

ever used here). For this example we are using as a the

package and group identifier and “WebInterface” as the Artefact Id. I know you

are excited about going your own way… but let’s just stay on the beaten path

for a second (or maybe more realistically half an hour 😉 ).Please note that the Event Insight team at this point can

only provide support for SAP developed adapters. If you run into any issues on

this – join code exchange and the community and I will do the best we can to

help you. The code exchange project which also contains source samples and the

pom.xml file mentioned in this post is located here:

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Frank Schuler
    Hello Sebastian,

    I tried to follow you blog using the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.2 instead of a plain Eclipse installation. However NWDS 7.2 doeas not offer the option “Install new software”. Instead it offers “Software uptades” but for this one has to specify an update site which Sonatype does not provide? Doeas this mean NWDS 7.2 is not compatible with m2eclipse?

    Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

    Best regards and thank you in advance

      1. Former Member
        Hello Sebastian,
        I was reading through your post here, but I am looking for a step by step guide to set up a simple demo in Event Insight 4.0

        I wouldn’t be able to get into the nitty gritty of developing adapters just yet 😉

        Please contact me at
        I am responsible for Event Insight in our Sybase Inc offices in South Africa


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